(Minghui.org) The sudden coronavirus epidemic has left many people confused. This is also a big test for Falun Dafa practitioners who have been working hard to expose the Chinese communist regime's persecution of our spiritual faith. So how can we overcome this difficulty and validate the Fa? Below are some examples.

Facing Challenges

The tests come from many sources including our families. For example, Aimei’s husband does not practice Falun Dafa, and he didn't allow her to go out for fear of getting infected. “What I do is important and I will be fine,” Aimei said resolutely, “If you are really afraid, I can go out and rent a place myself. I only need my bank card and a few pieces of clothes.” Her husband understood her and said she could go out with a face mask.

Another practitioner, Bei, however, has been stuck at home and is unable to go out. Whenever she wants to go out, her husband would fight with her.

Overcoming Human Notions

The streets look deserted, with very few people. The epidemic is still running rampant – who would like to talk to us and listen to us? Such thoughts have been bothering Chen, who used to go out almost every day telling people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Because her city is locked down, she has locked herself up at home.

Another practitioner, Ding, however, was not restricted by the lockdown. On the day after Chinese New Year (January 26, 2020), he wanted to go out to help save people and asked Master Li for help. Although there seemed to be fewer pedestrians out, he distributed over 50 copies of Falun Dafa materials and more than 30 people agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations. Such numbers were higher than what Ding was used to. “People are more concerned about their safety in the current circumstance, which provides a good opportunity to save them,” explained Ding.

Breaking Through the Lockdown

As the epidemic spreads, more and more cities have resorted to more stringent quarantine and lockdown measures. One needs a pass to go in and out of their residential communities, and is not allowed to visit other communities. This has nearly stopped our group Fa-study and other projects.

But as practitioners walking on the path towards the divine, should we acknowledge this? Not really, unless we do not have the will to overcome it.

This is the time to summon our righteous thoughts and supernormal power or ask Master for help. Practitioner Fei has been doing this and she could meet any practitioners if needed. Either there was no security guard at the entrance of the community she intended to visit, or she was given access after providing some justification.

I also had the same experience. On the days when I wanted to go out and tell people about Falun Dafa, there was hardly anyone in my way. Three or four security officers were there, but it was as if they did not see me. When I exited those communities, they only followed the basic procedure of measuring my temperature and let me out.

Help from Master

I have realized that the epidemic situation is a test for us. But as practitioners, the requirement for us will not change, and it could be even higher. So I made a rule for myself: If for some reason I cannot go out, I will distribute materials in my own community. That is, I cannot waste time doing nothing.

One morning I tumbled while reaching for my computer to download a new booklet from Minghui.org. This alerted me, although I was not quite clear what the hint meant. After lunch, I went out to distribute materials in the residential buildings. After finishing one floor, however, I fell down again.

Thinking this was another hint, I returned home. Later in the afternoon, I thought about going out again. Then I found out I had forgotten to bring a pen. Right after I went back inside, someone knocked at the door and my husband answered it. A few local police officers came to check if I had been staying home amidst the epidemic. I knew right away that I must have been reported for distributing materials as I was the only one in this community who had been sent to a labor camp previously for practicing Falun Gong. It dawned on me that Master had been giving me hints to not go out. Later I saw officers on patrol near my apartment building.

Another time, I planned to go to a 30-story building to distribute materials. Because I didn't have a card to activate the elevator, I was a little hesitant thinking I had to climb up and down the 30 stories. At lunchtime, I heard someone knocking on the door. I opened it, but there was no one. Understanding this was a reminder from Master for me to go and distribute materials, I went to the 30-story building. As soon as I got there, someone came out of the elevator on the first floor. He used his card to set the elevator to the 30th floor. I thus went to the top floor without having to climb up all those stairs. I knew Master had arranged everything for me.

We may not know how long the epidemic will last. But we must keep up our efforts to do the three things well and save people. We also need to help each other so as to improve as one body.