(Minghui.org) Every practitioner has had remarkable experiences after they began practicing Falun Dafa. I would like to share some of mine.

My Wife

I started practicing Falun Gong in 1994. Practitioners took photos of each other doing the exercises and during Fa study. Some photos recorded seeing Falun (law wheels). My wife, who firmly believes in science, said the lights in the photos were due to the prints' poor quality.

Some of the Falun in the photos are extremely vivid, and so numerous that they covered half the prints. My wife started to think that Falun might exist but challenged me, “I have to see Falun on you.”

Soon after, another practitioner took a picture of me when I was doing the sitting meditation. A large circular shaped glow of light was captured on the photo. My wife was convinced and became supportive.

Eliminating Sickness Karma

I contracted hepatitis in college, and it took me months to recover. The pain was chronic and the disease came back twice.

Soon after I started practicing Falun Gong, I had severe pain in my liver. I knew Master was helping me to eliminate karma and I ignored it. Four days later, I noticed the pain started to move from my liver to my abdomen. A week later, the pain moved up to my skin until it gradually disappeared.

During this whole ordeal, I clearly felt the pain moving until the karma was completely eliminated. My liver has never given me any discomfort since then.

Master Heals My Injury

One morning while I was carrying a wooden tray to the kitchen, I slipped and fell. My chest landed on the hard edge of the tray. It was very painful.

By afternoon the pain in my chest became worse. By evening I couldn't move my upper body. Talking and breathing became unbearable.

Lying in bed made the pain worse. The only tolerable position was on my side with pillows supporting my back. I couldn't understand why this happened to me but I reminded myself: nothing we encounter in cultivation is a coincidence.

My wife urged me to go to a hospital. By night time, I started to worry: I had to go to work tomorrow. I begged Master to help and fell asleep.

I slept through the night. When I awoke I was laying on my back and didn't feel any pain. I moved around. No pain. Suddenly I remembered the dream I had: Master came and tied two ends of a broken rib tendon together.

I realized that even though I did not sense Master's presence, he's always there to protect me.

Master Saved My Wife

My wife had hemorrhaging twice from cute bronchiectasis. Both times we begged Master for help. Both times she recovered.

Since then, my wife respects Dafa and Master. She listened to Master's Nine-Day Falun Dafa Lectures series. She does not practice but has been supportive of my cultivation even after the Chinese Communist Party started the persecution. If anyone slanderers Dafa she stops them.

Master Protects Me

One time I fell asleep while driving at night, but I woke up just before I hit a metal fence. Another time I almost collided with a truck, but was able to stop just in time. I know Master is always looking out for me.