(Minghui.org) I had been busy with work for a long time, and was not diligent in my cultivation, so my cultivation state was not good. My mind was occupied with different human thoughts, and I was not able to calm down. I was attached to fame, self-interests and sentimentality. I kept doing projects at work, and being successful. Yet, my life was withering in other dimensions.

My attachments to self-interests, showing off, complacency, arrogance, competitiveness, lust and desire enveloped me. The evil made use of my family members and made them occupy my time. I felt extremely tired. I then spent my time watching movies, dining and spending money, so I could eliminate my inner sadness. I felt I was not able to change this state and handled everything passively.

Somehow I knew that I would not die. In recent years, however, I felt that my life was not guaranteed. I asked myself what I sought after? The beauty of sentimentality? Enjoyment of material things? The answer was no. My child and I wanted to follow Master Li (the founder) to our original home. Thanks to our compassionate Master, he made the best arrangement for me in this last period of the Fa-rectification.

I had been married for 11 years. My husband returned to his hometown to spend the Chinese New Year with his parents by himself for the first time. My child and I went to spend time with my mother who is a practitioner. We studied the Fa, did the exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts, watched Shen Yun, and clarified the truth to people. My life in other dimensions became alive. I felt content and gratified. Finally. I was doing what a Dafa practitioner should do.

However my worrying was not eased. I still had to face a heavy workload and my husband’s objection to my cultivation. I didn’t know how I could get away from it all.

After the coronavirus erupted, my mother and I thought that it would last for a period of time. I let go of a few projects, and maintained work at the lowest level. My husband was not able to come back home due to the lockdown of the city because of the coronavirus. So I had plenty of time doing the three things to save sentient beings. Our thoughts were very important. We decided what we wanted and what we chose.

Attacked by the Old Forces Arrangements

I had pain in my neck for years with the symptom of cervical spondylosis. My head shook involuntarily – it worsened. My head generated very unique ideas that were welcomed by my colleagues. I was very pleased and took on more jobs. I thought those ideas came from my wisdom. The only thing I felt that was not right was that my mind was always on the run, and I was not able to stop it. I felt like it was not mine.

I stopped working recently. Master showed me what happened in another dimension and let me see clearly how the old forces and the evil had arranged it. The evil occupied my body in another dimension, installed a system and manipulated my head. It generated novel thoughts in my head, took advantage of my attachment to self-interests, and let me make money. It kept me working so that I didn’t have time to cultivate. They made use of my attachments and let me make mistakes. They consumed my time and life to destroy me.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw many wicked dragons and snakes wrap around my cervical spine. The evil system spread over the crevices of my head like the nervous system. My neck felt like it was ripped, and a knife was cutting my neck. My parents and child sent forth righteous thoughts for me. I saw the snakes and dragons were cleared, and my head was cleansed layer by layer. We were unable to remove some of them. I asked for help from Master. I went to the palace in the heaven. Many gods helped us to destroy the evil. I saw Master in the air and cleanse four of us by grabbing the black substances. The evil could travel between the four of us. We were clearing our own fields as well.

I sent forth righteous thoughts for one-and-a-half hours. My mind became much clearer and my righteous thoughts became stronger. The evil life in my mind was almost gone. I could distinguish what thoughts were mine and what thoughts were not in line with the Fa principles and manipulated by the evil. My mother also felt less interference from the evil. My child became calmer.

The second day my mother and I continued sending righteous thoughts for a long period of time. I saw that the evil was like a city. There was half a net covering the city. My mother and I sat on top of the net. We realized that Dafa practitioners were one body. I asked my father and child to send righteous thoughts together. I saw our net became golden and covered the whole city.

My neck started to pain again. I was not able to clear the evil in my neck. I asked Master to help me. I saw the scene of the heaven again like the one I saw the last time. This time I saw Master clearly. He sent out his energy from his palm with thousands of beams of light. Every beam was connected to a being. I saw my husband and many other people that I knew had a relationship with me. Master waved his hand. The surface dimensions of those people as big as a city were lifted off just like a turf was lifted. The sentient beings that practitioners have to save have relationships with us. Dafa practitioners must form one body with righteous thoughts and righteous actions and do as Master requires us to do. If practitioners can form one body, the evil will have nowhere to go.

Part of my neck was lifted. Half of my right brain which was not in good condition was lifted off as well. A black part that the evil destroyed and occupied was exposed. My attachments of competitiveness, lust and desire, fame and interest, and so on, were harbored there. If I could not distinguish that they were not mine, and followed their thoughts, their city and their base would grow bigger and bigger. They would occupy more of my body.

After I saw this scene, I decided to let go of all my attachments and anything that was not in line with the Fa principles. Gradually new tissues grew on my neck and my neck recovered. Master hinted that practitioners must reach the criteria and don’t have a single defect if we want to enter into the future. Practitioners have cultivated for such a long period of time, and done many remarkable things. We shouldn’t relax.

My neck started to pain again. I saw a python with green flower patterns on its body. When I was removing it, it said that it let me earn a lot of money, much of which didn’t belong to me, and I had to pay back. I said to it: “You made evil arrangements and wasted much of my time, and are responsible for the bad things I did. I don’t acknowledge your arrangement and you have to pay it back for me. If you didn’t interfere with me and persecute me, I would not have done so many wrong things. I will follow Master’s arrangement from now on.” The python was eliminated.

The above was what I saw in other dimensions. We shouldn’t take chances in cultivation. We should be more diligent as we are closer to the end. We should examine our every thought and every action, and clearly know what thoughts are our own. We should double our efforts to do the three things well and reach the criteria so that we can follow Master to our original homes!