(Minghui.org) I still remember the days when Liu Jianying came with her parents to join us in doing the Falun Dafa exercises and studying Falun Dafa books. 

While we did the exercises outdoor at 4 a.m., she was never late. She was very open-minded and considerate. She often extended help to those in need and always took suggestions from others with a humble attitude.

Known as a good daughter, a wife, and a mother, Jianying took very good care of her family, especially her parents and parents-in-law. When her father-in-law became blind due to an illness in his 70s, Jianying provided meticulous care to him until his final days. 

After her father and father-in-law both passed away, she invited her mother to live with her and her husband. I often saw her walking with her mother in the neighborhood and her mother always looked very happy.

After the communist regime started to persecute Falun Dafa in 1999, Jianying often went to the street or parks to talk to people about Falun Dafa and urge them not to follow the regime’s persecution policy. She also encouraged fellow practitioners to have faith and not give up the practice in the face of the persecution. 

From the day she was arrested on July 15, 2018 for talking to a person about Falun Dafa, I have been watching closely for the updates about her case and longing for her return. I heard she was suffering from some health issues after being abused in custody.

In the beginning of 2020, just as I was expecting things would become better for her, I heard the news that Jianying had passed away in prison. She was only 57. 

Tears rolled down my cheeks. My heart ached. 

Her passing left a huge void for her 80-year-old mother, who now struggles to care for herself and deals with the tremendous agony of losing her daughter. 

Under the communist regime’s tyranny, Jianying was forced to pay a huge price for upholding her faith. But she didn’t die in vain. Despite the ongoing persecution, her spirit is inspiring us to continue our peaceful resistance to the communist regime's persecution of our faith. I believe justice will prevail one day.

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