(Minghui.org) I had a vivid dream last night in which I was told to attend an experience sharing conference, and I immediately headed over. When I opened the door, however, I was shocked by what I saw. Practitioners were casually sitting around eating and chatting about everyday trivia. One group was asleep. One of the sleeping practitioners was May (alias). 

I know May very well. We both made truth clarification materials and helped coordinate. I nudged her awake and asked, “Why are you sleeping?” She said, “I need to go to work at midnight.” I understood that the work she referred to was making truth-clarifying materials. I said, “You shouldn't relax.”

At that moment, I heard the same voice that invited me to the conference, and I knew it was Master. I walked to the center of the room and said that Master asked me to come, “‘Dafa disciple’ is such an honorable title. Our conferences should also be sacred and pure. How can you treat a Fa conference so casually?”

After I woke up, I realized that many practitioners were treating the new year as a holiday break, and some were behaving like everyday people. Holiday gatherings and parties are good opportunities for us to clarify the truth to people and save them.

This new year is also different because of the coronavirus epidemic. Many towns and cities in China are locked down. Few people can be seen on the streets. When people need to go out, they walk quickly. All of this interferes with our ability to talk to people face to face. 

But there are many ways to save people. We can go to subdivisions and residential buildings to pass out materials door to door. We can deliver the booklet, “Blessing you” to every door, or put the Minghui journal, The Truth Vol. 98 and the card with “Wish you peace” on their doors. 

When people are in danger, they hope to be spared disaster—so most people accepted our good wishes. The key is whether our hearts and thoughts are sincere. We should tell people that Master Li Hongzhi asked us to save them. If we have righteous thoughts, we'll be able to play the lead role and save many people. 

We definitely should not slack off during this epidemic and behave the same as everyday people. Master told us, 

“Dafa disciples are now sentient beings’ only, sole hope for salvation.” (“Righteous Thoughts,” The Essential of Diligent Progress, Vol III

We are Master's disciples, so we should follow Master's teaching. Every minute is crucial. People are dying. We must go out and save them. So many Chinese have been misled by the regime's lies and will lose their chance to be saved. Making sure they know the truth is our urgent responsibility.

Please compassionately correct me if I've said anything inappropriate.