(Minghui.org) As the coronavirus spreads throughout China, the death toll keeps rising. People are terrified.

During the Chinese New Year all the main roads in my area were blocked. The notifications about the coronavirus epidemic were everywhere. Warnings were repeatedly broadcast all day, every day at the village entrance and inside the residential area, adding to the atmosphere of panic and dread.

Very few people are on the streets during the day; after 8 p.m the streets are deserted. I realized this is the best time for us to deliver truth-clarification materials about the epidemic to every household. I drop off the most recent journal from the Minghui website Truth, which has lots of information about the current situation.

One day, Ms. Liu and I went to a residential area and we covered four buildings. As we walked back we noticed that only 2 copies were thrown out. The environment in China is improving!

That night I dreamed that Master showed me the following words: Strive forward and save sentient beings!

Every day many people’s lives are taken away by this epidemic. I hope more practitioners will step forward to save sentient beings, hand out truth-clarification materials on a large scale or use other means to clarify the truth. Let's work together and use this opportunity. Let's turn this tragedy around and save even more people so they won't be eliminated during this epidemic!