(Minghui.org) We witnessed a miraculous recovery during our group Fa study in the afternoon on December 14, 2019. While reading the second lecture, practitioner May, whose house we were at for study, suddenly lost consciousness. Her book Zhuan Falun fell to the ground. She was leaning back; her eyes became unfocused and then slowly closed. White foam came from her mouth. 

Two practitioners quickly supported her. All the practitioners there immediately sent forth strong righteous thoughts: “Thoroughly deny the interference and persecution of May’s body by the old forces. Dafa disciples are under Master’s arrangement. Any omissions will be corrected in Dafa, and all arrangements by the old forces are completely disintegrated!” May didn't wake up. We kept sending righteous thoughts.

About half an hour later, May slowly regained consciousness, but she was still in a coma state. We realized that we had not completely eliminated the persecution by the old forces. We felt that our overall virtue was not enough. A practitioner proposed that we collectively ask Master to rescue May. Altogether, we asked: “Master, please save practitioner May!” After we asked six times, May woke up and asked what happened. We were amazed, moved, and wept. It was Master who rescued May. We witnessed Master’s infinite grace and omnipotence.

A similar thing happened to another practitioner Ben who was 75 years old. He moved to the city where his son lived five years ago. Ben had always been very advanced in studying the Fa. He read three lectures of Zhuan Falun and meditated for more than three hours a day. After the CCP began to persecute Falun Dafa, he didn't stop practicing. One day last year when he was studying the Fa, he suddenly fell back and was unconscious. His son happened to be at home and quickly called an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived, the doctor said that Ben had passed away.

Master asked us to do the three things well. A lack of doing any one of the three is not good. The three things are in harmony with each other. Ben had always been doing only personal cultivation. He didn’t pay much attention to clarifying the truth and saving people.

May is 78 years old, and none of her three sons live with her. We believe that the great difficulty caused by the old forces this time was an attempt to discredit Dafa and cause misunderstandings among family members, preventing sentient beings from being saved. The old forces actually dared to persecute May while many fellow practitioners were studying the Fa, which shows that we have a big loophole as a group. We haven’t figured it out yet. We disciples can only keep improving on the journey by looking inward and truly rectifying ourselves to repay Master's infinite grace.