(Minhui.org) These three letters from Falun Dafa practitioners in different areas in China tell of the challenges they face during the coronavirus epidemic. 

Prioritize Saving People

Our town which borders on Wuhan is one of the most infected areas. The day after the Chinese New Year we learned about the epidemic, and heard all sorts of rumors. Our area is increasingly controlled. Anyone on the streets who doesn’t have a pass may be arrested by the police.

We should calm down and think about what we need to do.

Should we worry like ordinary people do, about which person is infected, which building is locked down, etc? Should we follow the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) rules as our family members do, who are indoctrinated to listen to the CCP? Have we lost the urgency of our mission?

One of my family members gossiped about which people were infected and blamed that person for spreading the virus.

I said, “It's not right to blame him. Nobody wants to get infected. Locking down areas or not allowing people to even walk on the streets can't solve the problem. When people badmouth him it's a personal attack and it's CCP behavior. The CCP mobilizes one group of people to attack another group. Why are some people lying about their situation? Because they no longer believe in the CCP and they're afraid the CCP will harm them. Please read the book “TheUltimate Goal of Communism”. The aim of the Communist Party is to destroy mankind.”

Why did the epidemic appear in our area? Shouldn’t we remember our goal and continue to save people? Our mindset shouldn’t be the same as ordinary people's and we should not let up in our efforts.

Let’s calm down and consider the situation. We should cultivate ourselves and increase sending righteous thoughts. Only when our heart is stable can the environment become stable. We can negate this interference and save more sentient beings.

These are my thoughts during these challenging circumstances. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

Overcoming Challenges to Save People

It's been over a month since the coronavirus epidemic began spreading. Everyone is scared. Every city is locked down. Our city is 1000 kilometers away from Wuhan, but is under heightened security. The management in each residential area checks every household and gives out entry passes. Residents' movements are strictly controlled. Our residential area is deserted. Hardly any people are on the streets or in the shops. The village market is empty.

Practitioners continue trying to save people. Because they aren't able to reach many people, fewer people can be saved now.

Practitioners cannot attend our local Fa-study. Many Fa-study groups had to stop meeting even though they never stopped when the persecution was at its height.

There's no sign of the epidemic easing.

Residential Lock Down Poses Additional Challenges

All local residential areas are locked down to curtail the coronavirus spread. Every household is given one pass to go shopping every two days. Practitioners haven't been able to clarify the truth to people face to face, distribute materials or phone people to clarify the truth. They also haven't been able to meet. Those practitioners who aren't able to use the Internet cannot get Minghui Weekly or other truth-clarification materials. Practitioners who left home destitute to avoid persecution cannot expose themselves. They are not able to buy food or daily necessities.