(Minghui.org) After dinner one evening when I was eight years old, I sat on the ground with my hands around my knees and looked at the sky. I wondered why I had come to the earth. 

Bitter Life

I was the first child born into a family of four children in a village in Hebei Province in 1964. My mother was of poor health and had a bad temper. She hit and cursed at me when she was not happy.

My sister and brother were younger and were not able to help with any work. My mother was too sick to work. I helped my father with the work in the field and also did the house chores.

My parents arranged my marriage to a poor orphan. I had to work even harder in the new family.

One day a fortune-teller told my mother that I would have a tribulation at the age of 30 and would have a smooth life after that if I came across a person from a high-level realm.

Life Improved After I Started to Practice Falun Dafa

My health deteriorated because of the hard work. I felt dizzy and short of breath after I gave birth to my daughter. I was 30 years old then and wondered where the high-level person was. I had tried treatments from Chinese medicine doctors and Western medicine doctors and various other folk treatments. Nothing brought relief.

I felt terribly ill one weekend and cried sadly while hugging my two children. Life became hopeless. I asked my son to buy sleeping pills for me in a nearby clinic. I wanted to commit suicide. The doctor refused to sell him any when he learned that I wanted the pills.

A friend introduced Falun Dafa to me in May 1999. When she tried before, I did not accept her suggestion, but this time I decided to give it a try.

I bought the book Zhuan Falun. When I opened the book, red glows emanated from the book. “What a book!” I thought to myself. I only had a few years of education, and thus read the book slowly, word for word and sentence for sentence. 

After I read three pages, I experienced fundamental changes in my health. I stopped taking Chinese herbal medicine and stopped all other medication. After that, I no longer suffered from heart palpitations and dizziness. I became energetic.

I started to learn to drive so I could help my husband with his taxi business. I did the house chores all by myself. I had nothing before but I now had an apartment and a car. My family experienced the blessings of Falun Dafa!

My Family Was Nearly Destroyed Because of the Persecution

The persecution of Falun Dafa started on July 20, 1999, a few months after I practiced Falun Dafa. My husband believed what the propaganda said and threw away Master’s lecture tapes and hid away my Dafa books. He slapped me when I answered “yes” to his question of whether I would continue to practice. On several occasions, he stayed at home and watched me. He didn’t let me sleep at night. This situation lasted for almost a year.

I told him that I wanted a divorce. He didn’t agree. For the sake of my small children, I gave up the practice. But in my heart, I kept this thought: “I will keep my books safe and will read them when I am older.” I cried a lot even when I was driving.

Then, I got sick again one month later. My back started to pain and I couldn’t get up and was bedridden when it was severe. The medical examination showed that I had lumbar protrusion. The doctor suggested surgery, or I would become paralyzed. But the doctor couldn’t guarantee that I could be cured after the surgery and there were chances that I would be paralyzed. I gave up the surgery because I could still walk. If I became paralyzed, who would take care of my children?

I tried other treatments but I didn’t get any better. I was not able to lower my head and couldn’t get up from the bed in the morning. I was not able to work or look after my children, or do housework. My husband had to quit his job and stay at home looking after me and our children. We felt so helpless.

Master never gave up on me. My daughter urged me several times to pick up Falun Dafa again. So I got Zhuan Falun back. The moment I got the book, my body became lighter. But I hid the book from my husband. 

My back didn’t pain as much when I got up the next morning. I could even bend my back to pick up the washbasin, and do some light chores. I became very determined in cultivation three days later.

So I decided to let my husband know this. I asked him if I got better these several days. He answered yes. “Do you know why?” I asked him, “Because I started to practice Falun Dafa again. If you don’t agree, we’d better separate peacefully.” But he said that I could practice Falun Dafa again.

Since then I practiced the exercises and studied the Fa every day. I was able to work again.

One Person Practices and the Whole Family Benefits

My uncle suffered from cirrhosis in 2003. I didn’t know that it was contagious. He had an infusion in the hospital for 12 days. Every morning I dropped him off at the hospital and took him home after the infusion. We had meals at the same table and stayed under the same roof. My auntie’s daughter came to see him and talked with him for a little while. Three of her four family members were infected.

My uncle went home after he felt better. Only then did I come to know that his disease was contagious. My husband and son were found to have the antibodies, while my daughter and I stayed healthy. My friends and relatives witnessed the amazing power of Falun Dafa again.

My husband changed his attitude towards Dafa after this incident and started to practice Dafa later on.

Clarifying the Truth to People

I started to clarify the truth to people who hired my taxi. I told them about the staged Tiananmen Self-Immolation incident and how Falun Dafa teaches people to be good and kind. 

I started to clarify the truth to a passenger. I kept talking until he interrupted: “Do you know what I do?” He asked, “I am a military official. Do you dare to tell this?”

Master’s Fa came into my mind. Master said:

“I tell you that I don’t care about who you are, and I don’t care what you came here for; even if you were born to damage the Fa, I still offer you salvation.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia”) 

My righteous thoughts were reinforced and I eliminated the evil factors behind the military official. Before he arrived at his destination, he agreed to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He chose a bright future for himself.

I clarified the truth to many people. Some agreed to quit the CCP. Some kept silent. Some didn’t accept what I told them. Thanks to Master’s protection, I did not run into any problems.

I have been doing what Master has told us to do. I study the Fa and practice the exercises every day. I clarify the truth to people every day.

Establishing a Family Materials Production Site

The local practitioners who make materials work extremely hard to provide practitioners with materials. I wanted to set up a production site at my home to reduce their workload. But, I worried about how I could get enough funds to cover the material costs as my family still had a lot of debt. I also worried that I didn’t have time to make materials because I had to drive the taxi to make a living. One thought came into my mind: “I am able to make materials as long as I have money to buy food.” Another thought came into my mind when I went out of the door: “I came to help Master rectify the Fa. Other family members can do housework and earn a living. But, only I can make the truth-clarifying materials.” At that moment I knew what my mission was.

A practitioner gave me the equipment for setting up the production site. I didn’t know Chinese Pinyin or how to operate the computer. The practitioner showed me patiently how to operate it, and all the other equipment. My daughter learned it first and then taught me. My every step was actually taken care of by Master.

I made materials on weekdays, and my daughter helped deliver the materials to the practitioners on weekends. My taxi business was busy during the Chinese New Year, while practitioners required a lot more materials for distribution during that time. My daughter made materials while I was driving the taxi. She worked on Chinese New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day.

Later on, my husband and son started to practice Falun Dafa. My entire family got involved in the materials production site.