(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The first time Wuhan residents heard about the coronavirus outbreak was on January 20, 2020, five days before the Chinese New Year. 

Everyone had been busy shopping, visiting relatives and friends, or crowding train and bus stations and airports for trips out of the city. People panicked when they learned that the plague had spread quickly with over 100 confirmed cases. 

Wuhan was locked down at midnight on January 23. 

Many couldn’t fall asleep that night, and some got into their cars and fled. A practitioner went back to his hometown in a rural village before the lockdown and found himself stuck there because the highways were blocked. Another practitioner was also stuck in a house with hardly any food. 

A Dire Situation 

The epidemic makes it harder for Falun Dafa practitioners to clarify the truth, because communities are sealed off and patrolled by security guards or officials.

Some practitioners are physicians. There were so many emergencies that they worked around the clock and many patients died before the doctors could actually get to them. Many hospitals have been ordered not to diagnose patients with a fever, knowing that they carry the coronavirus. People that are not officially diagnosed are not counted. 

In many parts of the city, people with a fever are not allowed to go to the hospital. They have to wait at home for medical professionals to come to them. Some died before anyone ever came, and those deaths won’t be reported in connection with the epidemic. 

The authorities divided the city into grids and each grid is under very strict quarantine measures. People are not allowed to go to a different grid. The authorities patrol the areas every day to ensure that people do not get out. In some residential areas, the property management companies take orders for vegetables and other food items and have the groceries delivered. People avoid talking to each other when they pick up their orders from the property management office. 

Hurry Up and Save People

I was horrified by this epidemic and couldn’t sleep. I felt hopeless being locked down at home and reading about all the bodies being sent to the crematory. I wondered how many people died because I failed to clarify the truth and save them in time. How I wished that this epidemic was just another test like SARS and there would still be time for me to save more people! 

Chances to clarify the truth and save people are getting fewer and fewer. We must cherish them. 

The locals in Wuhan are stuck at home, not knowing when this will end. Boredom and fear are driving them crazy. I ask practitioners outside of China to seize the opportunity to call people in Wuhan and tell them how quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and reciting “Falun Dafa is good” will bring them blessings. I believe that most of them would be thrilled to get your call. Now they’d be happy just to see a bird fly by their window because it distracts them from feeling afraid. 

I trust that truth-clarification phone calls should be more popular now than ever. People in Wuhan will definitely listen carefully after realizing that we truly care about them. 

[Editor’s note: Practitioners in Wuhan and China can call your neighbors, friends, and anyone you can get a hold of on the phone. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you are a practitioner, because you treasure their lives and have nothing but good intentions. Tell them that Falun Dafa is good and help them quit the CCP.]