(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attempts to pollute the minds of our young children by glorifying the regime to them from an early age. Not long ago, the director of our kindergarten issued a notice telling teachers to prepare a “red” lesson plan to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the CCP's rule. Realizing that the government wanted to influence my students’ thinking, I became anxious and didn't want to comply.

I immediately denied this arrangement of the old forces altogether, asked Master Li to support me, and began sending righteous thoughts to clear away all the interfering factors controlling the administrators and teachers.

A colleague said, “In some classes they paint the flag and in others they draw the national emblem. I want to tell the story of the ‘White-Haired Girl.’ What do you think?”

I asked her, “What do you want the students to learn from that story?” She said that the story was about a girl who wanted revenge for the deaths of her parents.

I recited some sayings from ancient times, such as “Take a step back and you will have space as broad as the sea and as wide as the sky,” “Use every chance to be merciful and forgive people,” and “It is time to stop seeking retribution.”

I continued: “Our ancestors taught people to be forgiving and tolerant. Remember, we are educating innocent children. What does the ‘White-Haired Girl’ story teach? Hatred. What is a child filled with hatred like? You’ll see a warped mind, a complainer, a child who is unforgiving and careless. That kind of person is unhappy. Even in kindergarten, such children can make trouble and are prone to accidents.

“As kindergarten teachers, we are concerned with safety. Following ancient wisdom removes the concepts of fighting and hatred from teachers’ minds, creates aversion to the CCP textbooks, and helps us accept traditional wisdom.”

I mentioned that Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) tells his followers to return to tradition and the path will be broad.

I told her that China has a history of 5,000 years and can take credit for world-famous inventions. “Cai Lun invented paper-making. No one can manage without paper. It is something to be proud of. China's blood-red flag is not something to be proud of. Children should learn to distinguish right from wrong.”

I continued to inspire her by explaining what true patriotism is. I asked, “If all Chinese people drove through red lights, what would foreigners think when they saw that? They would probably wonder what was wrong with the Chinese. Wouldn't that discredit China?

So how can we teach children to be patriotic? First of all, we should improve our own behavior. Patriotism doesn’t have to involve the Communist Party flag and the national anthem.”

I also reminded her that many stories and so-called heroes discussed in CCP textbooks were fabricated to glorify communism. The teacher accepted what I said and soon generated a lesson plan that didn't have any Party content. She titled it “I am Chinese, determined to give China glory from an early age.” In class, the children listened to her attentively.

When the teacher asked the children how to love China, some said to be a devoted and respectful child, some said to help others, some said to be modest, and some said to obey traffic rules. Every little face had an innocent and loving expression. They all wanted to be dignified Chinese citizens, who were full of confidence, obeyed society’s rules, and brought glory to China.

In the extended part of the class, both children and teachers participated in paper-folding games to develop the ability to collaborate and practice a new skill. These kids were so lucky!

I sincerely hope that fellow practitioners involved in early childhood education will tell their students traditional stories so they will know how to be good human beings.
This experience increased my confidence in sending righteous thoughts. Every day I clean up any interfering factors in my class. Recently, the director told me that I could delete the software “Learning the Power of the Country” and that I no longer had to study Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s teachings, nor did I need to write a lesson plan on loving the CCP.

I sighed and said in my heart, “Thank you, Master!”