(Minghui.org) In the Fa-rectification, Master is in charge of everything. I realized that the U.S. presidential election is another opportunity given by our revered Master to all beings in the universe to choose their futures. In the final phase of the Fa-rectification, this U.S. presidential election is also a final battle between those who are heading to the new universe and the old evil forces. It’s a battle taking place in heaven, as well as on earth.

It is a crucial battle to purge the old forces of evil and their plans once and for all. It is the great mercy that Master gives to all beings that are heading to the new universe. It’s also a great opportunity for positive lives to temper themselves.

As Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification process who are playing the leading role in the battle between good and evil in the human world, we must walk every step well and grasp every key opportunity to elevate ourselves. This U.S. presidential election occurred at the final stage of the Fa-rectification process, and every positive and negative manifestation affects everyone. The old evil factors hindering the Fa-rectification are concentrating their remaining energy to make the final push to try to stop Trump from being reelected.

Trump is the chosen one. He has the mission to lead the United States and the righteous forces in the human world to defeat the evil Chinese Communist Party. As Dafa disciples who assist Master in Fa-rectification and play a leading role in the human world, it is only natural for us to join the battle and uphold justice.

In particular, Dafa disciples in mainland China should realize that this is a great opportunity to eliminate communist specters and other beings interfering with the Fa-rectification and our saving sentient beings. Do not just sit back and wait for the result. Before the final result comes out, we should continue to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil factors that interfere with the U.S. election and prevent sentient beings from being saved. This is one of the main tasks to do in this special historical period (of course, other projects should not be neglected as well).

We should stay clear-minded and alert while sending righteous thoughts with high intensity. Everything is closely related to the Fa-rectification. We are not concerned about gains or losses in the world, nor are we getting involved in politics. The purpose and starting point of a Dafa disciple’s righteous thoughts must be pure and clear: to assist Master in Fa-rectification and save sentient beings.

Master has written a poem on the U.S. presidential election, and Dafa disciples should enlighten to Master’s compassionate guidance. This is also a step that we Dafa disciples must take to in the last leg of our cultivation.