(Minghui.org) Master taught us in the Fa:

“At a certain point in time, you will be made unable to discern clearly whether something is true or not, whether your gong exists or not, whether or not you can cultivate and make it, or whether or not there are Buddhas and if they are real. In the future, these situations will surface again to give you this false impression and make you feel as though they do not exist and are all false—it is to see whether you are determined. You say that you must be firm and sure-footed. With this determination, if you can indeed be firmly resolute at that point, you will naturally do well because your xinxing will have already improved. But you are not yet that stable at the moment. If you are given this tribulation right away, you will not be enlightened to it at all, and neither will you be able to cultivate whatsoever. Tribulations may take place in different respects.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun, 2014 Translation version)

In the divinely inspired Western and Chinese cultures, there are two stories that touched me deeply. One was that when Moses led the Jews to the sea, with the Egyptian troops behind and the big ocean before him, Moses was convinced that God would give him a way to take God's people away. His sincerest prayer was heard. Before him, the sea parted, and a road appeared, which led them out of Egypt.

Another story was a dance program titled “Daoist Destiny” from the 2020 Shen Yun show. In this story, when the Daoist Master jumped off the cliff, only one disciple followed suit without any hesitation. Other disciples who dared not jump and were only watching on the side sighed moments later when they saw that disciple and his master ascending to heaven.

These two stories are a constant reminder to me that, in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, I must keep my mind righteous at all times and use my strongest faith to uphold and follow Master’s arrangement.

For this U.S. election, Minghui’s editorial, “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals,” has clearly indicated that Trump is the chosen one. Now it’s up to me whether I can embrace Master’s choice and arrangement and whether my faith is strong and sincere enough to lead my sentient beings out of “Egypt” and reach the Justice shore on the other side, in the final opportunities given by Master.