(Minghui.org) My family lives in a village on the south bank of the Yangtze River. The Three Gorges Dam, constructed under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), caused the catastrophic floods this year, and at least 400 million people on both sides of the Yangtze River were affected. Major disasters such as Covid-19 and frequent earthquakes have also caused the people to suffer greatly.

It is even more unfortunate that the CCP’s lies [poisoning people's minds] have led some to believe that China is better than the United States in fighting floods and the pandemic. They say that the United States government is actually responsible for China's disasters, which are actually caused by the CCP’s tyranny.

Clarifying the Truth about America

In order to tell people the truth about the CCP, I installed a satellite dish at my home many years ago to watch NTDTV. I learned a lot from their programs.

I sometimes participate in activities to help tidy up the village, which gives me the opportunity to talk to more people.

When I heard villagers repeat the CCP’s lies about how bad the United States is, I said, “Don’t believe the lies on TV. There's no truth in them. The United States is a democratic and free country that respects human rights and dignity. I'll tell you again: The CCP's propaganda on TV is deceiving people. Most CCP officials’ money is in the United States. They know the CCP will be finished sooner or later, and they intend to flee to the United States. They don’t care about the Chinese people!”

Most villagers agreed, and when they heard people repeat the CCP's lies they responded by saying, “Don’t talk about that nonsense.”

My younger sister is married and lives two miles away. One day, she came to my house and said angrily: “The United States is a bully. It's clear that the virus came from the United States. Now they want China to pay damages for the pandemic.”

I was not calm at the time, and responded, “Don’t believe what you watch on TV. It's all fake. The first large number of cases were in Wuhan, and how many tens of thousands died there? Then it spread to the rest of the country and the world. How did the virus spread from the United States? You must use your commonsense to think. Do you believe in such a lie?”

My sister wasn't happy with my sharp words and left.

She returned two days later, and I calmly told her not to be taken in by the CCP’s lies. My sister asked inquisitively, “Why is the pandemic in the US so severe and so many people have died?”

“There are reasons for this,” I replied. “The virus has eyes. It's here to wipe out the wicked Party and those who are tied to it. The reason is that simple. Besides, the United States generally conducts testing, and it has real data. The number of infections and deaths are not concealed. The whole world knows which country has the most infections and deaths.”

Upon hearing this, my sister started to question the CCP's response to the pandemic.

My elder brother is a teacher in the village school. He believes that Falun Dafa is good, but he gets confused from time to time because of the CCP’s long-term mass brainwashing through the media. One day, he shared his thoughts with me, and I used the opportunity to correct his misunderstandings.

A woman nearby was listening to our conservation. She said to my brother, “You're a teacher, but you still can’t convince your sister.” My brother smiled.

I said, “The Communist Party is here to mess up the world. Carl Marx said that the specter of communism is a ghost. When the outbreak in the United States was severe, the CCP even displayed banners celebrating the high rate of infections in the United States. This is not something humans do. It's all controlled by the ghost of communism.”

My Sister-in-law Helps Me Promote Falun Dafa

When the CCP began to persecute Falun Dafa, my brother’s wife was very angry with me, saying, “I can’t understand you! You talk about Falun Dafa all day long – to everyone, everywhere.”

However, her attitude changed over time as she saw the wonderful changes in myself and our family.

She was in the advanced stages of cervical cancer many years ago. It had metastasized and gone too far for an operation. She insisted on reciting the nine auspicious words, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Her cancer disappeared. More than 10 years have passed, and she has been very well ever since.

Now, every time she sees me handing out amulets to people, she also asks me for one, and tells them that the amulet is very good and the nine auspicious words on it have magical effects for healing and fitness.

When her grandson caught a cold and had a high fever, she told him to recite the words. Her grandson did so, and his fever quickly subsided. My brother and his family now believe that Falun Dafa is good.

Validating the Goodness of Falun Dafa 

A villager once asked me how much I got paid for promoting Falun Dafa. I told him that practitioners are diligent and thrifty, and that we spend our own money to help save people: “If you can learn more about Falun Dafa, you will truly feel that we are a group of great people!”

He finally said, “You people often send me materials. I know that Falun Dafa is good. Whenever someone says bad things about Dafa, I stop them.”

There were over 10 acres of farmland in my village which hadn’t been assigned to the farmers. A male villager signed a contract to plant trees on the plot for 15 years. The contract expired in 2018, and the villager cut down all the trees he planted and sold them. 

He should have then handed the field back to the village, but he replanted the field with saplings. Other villagers disagreed with what he did, but they couldn't do anything about it because the villager had two relatives who were village officials - one is the village security officer, and the other is a team head.

The village wanted to take back the land to build a forest park, and so this man was told to return the land. He insisted that the village must pay him for the cost of the saplings, otherwise he would not return the land. The villagers had to collect 154 yuan from each household to pay the cost. Some were unwilling to give it but, eventually, the money was pooled together, and he was given three thousand yuan.

After a while the village official said that the compensation fee for the saplings should be paid by the forest office, and the money collected was going to be returned to each household. The team head gave me an account book and asked me to refund the money accordingly. Each family was given a refund of 153 yuan.

Some farmers asked me how come I earned one yuan from each household for refunding the money. I said that I didn’t make any money, and the head gave me only so much money and an account book, so I would refund it according to the book.

The villagers later wanted to pay me for my efforts in returning the money to everyone, but I refused to take anything, as it was my duty to do the work.

Because the village head was greedy, the farmers were very wary of who should take his place when he retired. They then unanimously recommended my husband to do it. My husband initially declined, but I thought it would suit him, as he could do something good for the villagers. So I suggested that he accept the role, and he agreed.

A villager said to us, “It's all about learning to be good people from good people.” He was insinuating that if you mix in the Communist Party's things, then good people will soon become bad.

I told the villager, “Don’t worry, my family’s money goes through my hands. I guarantee he will not accept any bribes. If he did he would lose his virtue, and he won't do that kind of stupid thing.”

This villager felt at ease upon hearing my reply.