(Minghui.org) When you place your phone next to you, you are more apt to take a look at it more often, and get fixated. Then, you might spend a lot of time on your phone without realizing it. So much content is appealing to you, and you get addicted. Won't this greatly affect the time you could spend studying the Fa? Is this not interference dragging us down?

This is the most common and serious interference hindering Dafa disciples from learning the Fa, memorizing the Fa, and being diligent in cultivation. Would it not be better to put your phone farther away from you so you would only answer phone calls when you heard it ringing?

Some practitioners do well in the face of direct interference or coercion, resisting all harassment and persecution with righteous thoughts and actions. But too often we can get caught in the trap of indirect interference, leading us further and further away without even realizing it.

You may still remember that in “Journey to the West,” the White Bone Demon changed form several times to confuse the Tang monk. Monkey King used his divine eyes to identify all kinds of demons. Falun Dafa practitioners have to use our wisdom eyes to see through the tricks played by all kinds of distractions that try to lead us away from true cultivation. I myself only came to my senses with the help of Master. The lesson is painful, and the consequences can be disastrous if you don't wake up.

I share my lesson to warn other practitioners. If you are addicted to mobile phone messages, TV series, romance novels, social media, etc. like I used to be, beware! Don't be fooled by evil unconsciously. As the saying goes, "It's easy to get on the boat of the thief, but hard to get off.”

I'd like to conclude by quoting Master's words, 

“You’ve already made it through the most difficult part of your journey; don't capsize your boat in a stinking ditch at the very end.” (“Another Stick Warning”)