(Minghui.org) Master said:

“… what one feels accounts for nothing. One cannot cultivate based on how one feels.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

During the cultivation process, many kinds of physical body changes occur. If the body is a small universe, layers of particles in this small universe will undergo earth-shattering changes during any renewal, which your nervous system will reflect. You therefore may have soreness, itching, and other uncomfortable feelings. If one wants to cultivate one’s body into a Buddha body, can that be done without a physical change?

Your thinking is not righteous if you always perceive illnesses from the perspective of an ordinary person when physical tribulations arise during cultivation.

In addition to physical sensations, there are psychological responses that evoke feelings. During a tribulation, pain can become worse and cause more suffering when you are attached to what you feel. In contrast, if you don’t take pain seriously, it’s just a feeling and becomes nothing. You can think that you are very tall. With increased righteous thoughts, such feelings are nothing.

Master said,

“I would say that physical pain is the easiest thing to endure: Just grit your teeth and it’s over.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I think that the various uncomfortable feelings are considered suffering. However, it would also be a good thing if you take suffering as a carrier to help you cross the abyss of misery and awaken the conscience of sentient beings. Happily enduring suffering probably has this meaning.