(Minghui.org) From my understanding of the Fa, I know that the divine realm doesn’t treat a cultivator as an ordinary person. I think that as Dafa disciples, our divine thoughts should dominate us. Our cultivated side is gold and shining in the other dimension, only that we still wear the “clothing” made of the coarse particles in the surface dimension. We stay here to finish the things that need to be done here. Meanwhile, we are also cultivating ourselves and strengthening our divine thoughts to break through the constraints in this surface dimension.

With the unprecedented battle between good and evil in this U.S. election, Dafa disciples can use their divine abilities in the other dimension to eliminate the communism specter and other evil beings in our sending righteous thoughts. As I’m sending righteous thoughts, I feel that my understanding of the matter is becoming more and more clear and my righteous thoughts are getting stronger.

Our sending forth righteous thoughts is helping those ordinary people with a mission to carry out tasks in the human world, so as to facilitate changes required of the cosmic climate. In the story Investiture of the Gods, Ji Fa from the Zhou army rebelled and defeated the defending army of King Zhou of Shang, who had become tyrannical and used very cruel means to oppress people who spoke up in the final days of his rule. What Ji Fa did corresponded to the heavenly will, so Jiang Ziya and other righteous immortals and deities all came out to help him. But we can’t say that Jiang and other immortals relied on Ji Fa to achieve their success.

Master said,

“If Dafa disciples can manage to pool their strength together in one concerted effort, and act with extremely strong righteous thoughts, think about it, that will truly amount to divine beings being present in this world. It would be simply terrifying to the evil!” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

The cosmic climate has already reached this step. All righteous deities are doing their part. For us Dafa disciples, we are “divine beings being present in this world” and we should use our abilities to clear the obstacles for ordinary people, help them do their part and choose the right path.

If we rely on any particular ordinary person, hoping that he could bring significant changes to the cosmic climate for us, then I think we probably haven’t fully understood who we are and what we are doing.

Master also said,

“Before, when I spoke about it not being appropriate for Dafa disciples to go to the hospital, I mentioned that divinities, or holy people, such as those who have cultivated in the mountains for hundreds or thousands of years, would never go to the hospital. Isn’t that right? More likely, doctors from the hospital would seek them out when sick. (Laughter and applause.) That’s the idea. So be sure to keep all of this in perspective.” (“2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.”)

I came to see that there has always been the issue of whether we treat ourselves as a divine being or a human being throughout our cultivation path. For a human being, they may rely on other people with bigger abilities; but for a divine being, they can’t rely on humans, let alone that we are disciples of Dafa.