(Minghui.org) Regarding the U.S. presidential election, I came to the enlightenment that although it may appear to be a race between Trump and his opponent, it’s actually a battle between Dafa disciples and the evil in other dimensions. If we fail to beat the evil beings there, Trump won’t win the election in this human world. We can’t just wait for his good news without doing our part in the other dimensions.

When we send forth righteous thoughts, we are using our divine powers to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions. I feel the correct status should be that we fight the hard battle and eliminate the evil in the other dimensions every day, while in this human world, we don’t become obsessed with seeing Trump re-elected.

It is my understanding that both Master’s new poem “On the General Election” and the Minghui editorial “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals” are encouraging us to grab the last opportunity of this election, use our abilities, send strong righteous thoughts and eliminate the evil beings in the other dimensions, in support of President Trump, who represents traditional values and is leading the battle against the Chinese Communist Party in the human world.

I believe this election will change both the U.S. and China, as well as the whole world. This is what Master wants. This is also part of our responsibility as Dafa disciples in assisting Master to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. This is a manifestation of the greatness of Dafa.

Above is my personal understanding and I welcome practitioners to point out anything improper.