In October 2020, 1,077 Falun Gong Practitioners Were Targeted for Their Faith

At least 433 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and 644 were harassed by the authorities for their faith this past month in China. Two hundred and eighty-two (65%) of the arrested practitioners remain in custody at the time of writing.

China Fahui | No Matter the Obstacles, A Teacher Clarifies the Truth to Colleagues and Students

In the persecution of Falun Dafa in China, teachers are forced to repeat the Communist Party's slander of the spiritual group, thereby instilling hatred of Falun Dafa in new generations of students. The author shares how she persists in telling students the truth about Dafa despite immense pressure from her superiors to silence her.

Trump Signs Executive Order to Stop U.S. Investments in Chinese Military Companies

On November 12, 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order, aiming to stop U.S. investments from flowing into companies with ties to the Chinese military. This move is considered another key step of Trump’s foreign policy to counter the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s ambitions.

California Rally Denounces Communism in America: “A Battle Between Good and Evil”

Participants from all over California, of all races and backgrounds, expressed concern that leftist ideology and corruption is hijacking traditional American values, freedom, and democracy.

Think Tank Forum: The CCP’s Crimes Against America

A recent webinar hosted by the Committee on the Present Danger: China explores the CCP's growing influence in U.S. politics through various front groups operating on American soil.

Germany: Truth Clarification Site Attracts Onlookers During the Pandemic

Falun Gong practitioners have been clarifying the facts in Stuttgart for many years and have received much support from local residents. The information site still attracts many onlookers despite fewer people passing through the area due to the coronavirus.

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