(Mingui.org) Self-cultivation in Falun Dafa improves one’s health and elevates moral character. The families of Falun Dafa practitioners also benefit from this great practice in various ways. I would like to share two wonderful stories with you.

Living the Principles of Dafa Results in Profound Healing

Jing, an elderly woman who lives in my area, has leased several parcels of land to plant vegetables in order to build assets for her most-favored youngest son. She rises early each morning and works a full day in the field.

Jing has been practicing Falun Dafa cultivation since 1996. She became quite tired in the evening and could not concentrate when studying the Fa before bedtime. She also began indulging in TV and playing cards.

She called me anxiously in late November 2019 and told me that she was hospitalized for late-stage gallbladder cancer. I visited her at the hospital. Her son and daughter-in-law told me through their relative who was taking care of the practitioner, that they did not welcome me because I cultivated in Falun Dafa. They even wanted to report me to the police.

I felt uneasy upon returning home. My thought had been to help a fellow practitioner and I felt unfairly treated. Then through studying Dafa, I realized that Master Li gave us this predestined relationship as fellow practitioners. I should not give up helping Jing because of interference from an everyday person.

I continued to go to the hospital every two to three days to help Jing. We shared our understandings of the Fa. We realized the reason ordinary people did not understand us was because we did not introduce Falun Dafa to them well enough. We should tell people the benefits we obtained from Dafa with poise and confidence. We should not only gain things from Dafa, but also clarify the truth about this wonderful practice to anyone we meet.

Jing always listened to the Fa and looked inward while hospitalized. She recognized her attachment to self interest and knew that she should not put all her energy into working the fields and leave none for Dafa.

She was hospitalized for 12 days. The doctor told her the cancer was already in its late-stage and could no longer be treated. He asked her to go home and rest. Knowing that only Master Li (Falun Dafa's founder) could save her, Jing kept listening to the Fa.

After returning home, she knelt in front of Master’s picture, and said, “I thank Master for extending my life. I will cultivate diligently from now on and become a true Dafa practitioner.” Jing tossed out all her medicine. Her son and daughter-in-law were upset. They tried to stop her and force her to take medication.

Jing told them firmly, “The doctor has given up. Only Master and Dafa can save me.” Seeing she was adamant, the family members gave up. She studied the Fa, did the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts on the hour. Her health improved gradually.

I went back to my hometown to visit her in March 2020. She had a glowing face and was in wonderful shape, showing no sign of a former sufferer from late-stage cancer. Through this experience, her son and daughter-in-law changed their views on Falun Dafa cultivation completely and became supportive of Jing’s practice.

Many villagers learned about the situation and began to believe in Dafa's supernormal capabilities. When I handed Falun Dafa information materials to someone who previously rejected them, she accepted it gratefully with both hands and thanked me.

Jing had two other sons, each of whom had different kinds of health issues. Through reading Minghui Weekly and watching videos about Dafa, their health improved.

Jing’s husband doubted the stories he had read from Dafa pamphlets before. After witnessing what had happened to her, he said, “It turns out that all those wonderful stories about Falun Dafa are true after all!”

He spent two days listening to Master's recordings. Master cleansed his body for him that night. His foot hurt for no reason at all and was unbearable. He would have taken medicine in the past. But now he knew it was Master helping him clean and purify his body and he felt happy. He has truly become a Falun Dafa practitioner.

My Sister’s Moral Character Benefits Family

My sister also cultivates in Falun Dafa. One day in the summer of 2016, she fell asleep on a bus, only to find a handbag next to her when she woke up. She opened it and found identification cards and over 200,000 yuan. She brought the handbag to work, and told her colleagues about it. They made all kinds of suggestions about what to do with it. Some urged her to keep the money. Some said she should take the money out and return the empty purse to the owner.

My sister took the purse home and showed her husband, who was not a Faun Dafa practitioner. He was laid off at the time and was amazed at the amount of money in the handbag. He asked her, “Can we just pocket 1,000 yuan and return the rest?”

My sister and her husband were financially strapped at the time. She remembered she was a Dafa practitioner. She would not take any money that did not belong to her no matter how hard life was. Not to mention that the person who lost the money must be very worried. She explained the principle of “no loss, no gain” to her husband, and said that they had to return the money.

My sister called the person and made an appointment to meet with him. He was moved when he got the money the next morning. It turned out that he was the boss of a construction company. The money was the workers' salary. He had called the TV station to publicize the loss and hoped someone would return it, and was surprised to be able to get it back so soon.

He wanted to give my sister some of the money to thank her. She declined and told him that she cultivated in Falun Dafa, and that he just needed to remember “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” The person was grateful and touched by the practitioner’s words.

My sister’s life went smoothly after the incident. Several companies offered to hire her. She moved to a big house and rented out the old one. Her husband found a good job also. All of our relatives realized that this good fortune occurs when one becomes a good person and cultivates Dafa.