(Minghui.org) The U.S. presidential election is a soul-stirring battle between good and evil in the human world. I have a very strong wish that President Trump be re-elected. In the past four years, he has made his stance against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) crystal clear and has been taking decisive measures to restrain the CCP's power from various aspects. He has allowed more people to see through the CCP, renounce it, and be saved. His care and support for Falun Dafa has also warmed the hearts of our cultivation community. In terms of saving people, he approaches things from a different perspective than us, but the final goal is the same.

After Election Day on November 3, however, the voting results turned out to be very worrisome. I realized how serious the situation is. Starting on November 4, I sent forth righteous thoughts: “Completely eliminate all obstacles in President Trump's re-election bid. Completely deny and eliminate the evil factors of the old forces and the CCP. The old forces aren’t allowed to carry out their scheme to make President Trump lose the election and cause countless people to be destroyed. And we need to clear all the evil factors behind the fraud.”

In the process, I shared my thoughts with practitioners around me several times. Some said, “It’s correct to send forth righteous thoughts. What President Trump does aligns with heaven’s will.” But more weren’t sure whether we should support President Trump and said to me, “Aren't we involved in ordinary people’s affairs then? For things as significant as this, shouldn't we wait and see if things will become more clear?”

After sending forth righteous thoughts for two days, I felt very weak and lonely in the battle. It was in fact a reflection of my lack of confidence in what I have enlightened to, and I didn’t have enough determination to continue.

When I read the Minghui editorial “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals” on November 7, I felt excited and invigorated. It was like a bugle call for me to charge forward in the battlefield. What had I been waiting for?

I immediately sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts for an hour. In addition to the above things I thought of during sending forth righteous thoughts, I also included thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind the media that spread false information to interfere with President Trump’s re-election.

The Minghui editorial helped me gain a clearer understanding of the issue, but I also wondered why so few practitioners were able to realize the election is a battle between good and evil. If not for the editorial, how many practitioners in China would have been able to come to such an understanding? I believe that we didn't do so well because we lacked a clear understanding of our principles and fundamentals. We had been blocked by the fear of making mistakes about our cultivation principle (of not getting involved in ordinary people’s affairs).

The editorial clearly states, “As cultivators, although we do not participate in ordinary people's politics, we need to know what is righteous and wicked, distinguish good from evil, and know who we want to support (Trump).”

I realized that it's not too late to spring into action. It’s a fight between good and evil, gods and demons. Every minute and second is critical. We are cultivators, and we have abilities. We can’t treat ourselves as ordinary people on this matter. We should all take this opportunity to completely eliminate the old forces and the evil factors of the CCP who are trying to steal this election, as well as the factors that are controlling the media. For those practitioners who have time, they can do a relay in sending righteous thoughts. Of course, we don’t want to go to extremes. We should continue to do our day-to-day truth-clarification and persuade people to quit the CCP as usual.

Our getting involved in the battle isn’t for the sake of winning. We join the battle to be with the divine, to safeguard justice and the righteous elements of the universe, and to help more sentient beings to enter the new universe. When we as a cultivation community have a clear understanding and act decisively on this matter, the will of the divine will be realized.

Above are some of my shallow understandings to share with fellow practitioners.