(Minghui.ca) I'm in my seventies, and I've practiced Falun Dafa for 25 years. While sending righteous thoughts at 6 a.m., I saw the following scene through my celestial eye. Master Li’s Fashen (law body) sat with his legs crossed and his eyes were slightly closed. He was dressed in golden yellow and his blue curly hair glowed softly with a blue light.

As I watched the scene in surprise, Master appeared. He smiled and glanced in the direction of His Fashen, and then turned around and smiled at me. He said something, but I could not hear what He said. The scene faded before I had time to react. At that moment I recalled what Master said in “Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Taiwan”) in 2016:

“Cherish this opportunity, which comes only once in an eternity!Cherish the opportunity to cultivate!Cherish the journey you have walked!Master is waiting for you at the end!”

I realized that Master really is waiting for us. Master arranged our path of cultivation and His Fashen is waiting for us at the end. I cannot stop my tears as I write this. How boundless Master’s compassion is!

From ancient times, from the moment we came down to this world with Master, He has been taking care of us and guiding us. He has endured the enormous sins that we and sentient beings in the universe accumulated. Master has given everything for us. He does not want to leave a single disciple behind and hopes that each of us succeeds.

When Master reminds us to: “Cherish this opportunity, which comes only once in an eternity! Cherish the opportunity to cultivate! Cherish the journey you have walked!”, we really need to take it seriously.

Master will meet us in person at the end, and send us back to our true homes in the new universe.

I felt that it's not a coincidence that Master allowed me to see this scene. I realized that it was not only an encouragement, but also a reminder of my cultivation issues. For example, I still have fear, resentment, lust, attachment to self, selfishness, and a competitive mentality. I still think of myself and my “feelings” first, instead of thinking of others during conflicts.

At the same time, I also have a vague sense of guilt: Am I one of those falling behind? After practicing for so many years I still haven't reached the standard of the Fa. I need to cultivate diligently and keep up with the progress of Master's Fa-rectification. I need to eliminate my attachments and desires, step out of the realm of human beings, and walk towards the divine.

I also realize that the path left is not long. There are fewer and fewer opportunities for us to cultivate. Our time here is limited, and time seems to be moving even faster than before. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is struggling in its death throes before it is wiped out. The chaos in society is destroying people, and the old forces have been wickedly testing us. Dafa disciples should cultivate ourselves well and save more people. We should fulfill our vows and leave no regrets. We should make good use of these precious remaining moments so that we can be worthy of Master's great compassion.

Firm belief in Master and Dafa is the fundamental guarantee for us to pass the test! We should be diligent, study the Fa more, and study the Fa well. In this limited time, we should do the three things well with righteous deeds and righteous thoughts in this unique environment. If we do well, we will have a bright future. If we do not, we may miss this precious opportunity that we’ve waited an eternity for.