(Minghui.org) Last night, while I was in the training room on the global RTC telephone platform (a truth-clarification project to call people in China to talk to them about Falun Dafa), I heard a very touching sharing by a non-Chinese practitioner. Actually, she was not there to share but to try to learn as much as possible from the training and to get some guidance. She could make calls by reading a script, but she wanted to improve her Chinese accent and also gain a better understanding of the mentality of people in China.

From her conversation in awkward non-native Chinese, I understood the gist that she wished to have a better understanding of how to connect with Chinese people. The sincerity that came through, even with her broken Chinese, brought me to tears and had me crying for a while. I was deeply moved by her pure heart and her desire to save people.

In fact, I was rather surprised when I first heard non-Chinese practitioners reading Zhuan Falun in perfect Chinese in the RTC Fa study room awhile back. Many of these practitioners had never learned Chinese before they practiced Falun Dafa and a lot of them have only studied Chinese for a very short period of time. For the most part, they learned to read initially by listening quietly to others reading on the RTC Fa study sessions and became fluent over time. More surprisingly, they made few mistakes and rarely skipped any words.

But it’s much more difficult for them to make calls and clarify the truth in Chinese. It requires a higher command of the language and listening skills, not to mention the ability to handle the tricky nature of the calls. If I did not speak Chinese, I would never have dreamed of taking part in a truth clarification project to people in China, much less actually making calls on the RTC platform to clarify the truth and ask people to quit the Chinese Communist Party.

As a matter of fact, many more non-Chinese practitioners are actively learning Chinese, learning to read Zhuan Falun in Chinese with the aim to eventually get on the RTC platform to make calls to China. Even if they don’t have a high-level proficiency in Chinese, it does not deter some of these practitioners; they still make calls but read from a script with pinyin notations. Their eagerness to save people is truly admirable, as well as their determination and perseverance.

Another practitioner on the RTC platform told me, “I am so impressed and touched when I make calls together with these non-Chinese practitioners. They are so pure, so diligent, and since they have to overcome so many difficulties they make me blush. Also, to me they are a reminder of the magnificent and mighty power of the Fa. Master will help anyone who has the heart.”

Another practitioner I know had trouble getting up in the morning to send righteous thoughts, so she asked another practitioner to call her in the morning to wake her up. Even then, she sometimes went back to sleep after answering the call. So she asked me to call her in the morning and keep her awake by talking to her. Now I wake her up by telling her, “Think about the non-Chinese practitioners making truth-clarification calls and reading Zhuan Falun in Chinese! Isn’t it time for you to get up to send righteous thoughts?!” That never fails to wake her up now.

Master has told us: 

Solid Cultivation

Compare with one another in study, in cultivation(Hong Yin, Translation Version C)

I must make the best use of the limited time we have left to cultivate, as well as keep pace with the Fa-rectification by continuing to do well in clarifying the truth to save sentient beings.

I also hope practitioners who are native Chinese speakers make the most of their natural advantage and become a positive force on the RTC truth-clarification platform.