(Minghui.org) I have been working for another Falun Dafa practitioner for several months. My intention was to help him with his work and cultivation, but after a few months, I’ve discovered that it was just the opposite. It is my boss, Jiang, who has helped me improve in my cultivation of Falun Dafa.

Don't You Have a Laptop?

I took it for granted that I would get a new laptop when I started to work at Jiang's company. When I asked him for a laptop, he asked, “Don't you have one?”

His answer shocked me. I thought, “I'm here to work for you. Why should I use my own laptop?” His words really angered me, but I tried to stay calm.

After holding back for a few seconds, I responded, “My laptop is a bit out-of-date, and it's slow. I mostly use it to visit overseas websites and make truth-clarification materials. It may not be appropriate to use it for work.” He didn't say anything more.

We happened to pass by my house, so I said, “Can you stop here for a minute? I'd like to get my laptop.”

At this time he said, “Don't worry. Let's go and buy you a new one.” But I told him that it was all right, and I could use my own.

I looked inward after getting over the shock and anger and found that I had an attachment to wanting a new laptop. I was being selfish and wanted to take advantage of him.

Master taught us to always think first of others. I should be considerate of my boss. He runs a small company and tries to reduce expenses as much as possible. Besides, by using my own laptop at work, I could use it to study the Fa and browse the overseas websites whenever I was not busy. I should really thank him.

An Issue of Trust

When Jiang asked me to come work for his company, he told me that he had two partners who were crafty and always trying to scheme against him. Moreover, the company wasn't professionally run in many ways, so the two partners and some employees took advantage of the situation.

I had been working there almost a month when Jiang told me that the two partners wanted to talk to him about my salary. It was approaching pay day, so Jiang asked me to join them.

I said, “You three should decide my salary. I shouldn't be involved in the discussion.”

He smiled and said, “I am inviting you to come on purpose.” I didn't understand what he meant but went along.

Sure enough, at the meeting a few days later, the two partners asked why I was at the meeting and why I was working for the company.

I told them what I had been doing and how I was helping the company. Because they believed that I was Jiang's helper, they said that they thought my answers were plausible, but they didn't trust me.

Jiang and I went to the Fa study group that evening. After studying the Fa, I mentioned that I felt very upset, because I had been accused of being cunning. I asked him his opinion and thought he would say something to comfort me, but he said unexpectedly, “I agree with them.” I was completely shocked.

Anger surged through me again. I couldn't even close my eyes when I lay in bed that night. I kept asking myself, “Was I really that bad? Should I leave the company?”

I was still tossing and turning well after midnight. I eventually got up, burned incense in front of Master’s picture, bowed again and again, and asked Master for help.

Master said:

“Upon running into this conflict, we should, first of all, keep a cool head, and we should not behave the same as that person. Of course, we can explain the matter kindly, and it is not a problem if we clarify the issue. But you should not become too attached to it.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I later vowed to myself: “Never leave the company because I can't stand the xinxing tests, otherwise it would be a failure to my cultivation.”

Navigation Issues

Jiang always drove when he and I went out on business. I kept asking him if he wanted me to drive, but he told me that he didn't like my driving and would prefer that I navigate.

I felt a little uncomfortable with his reply.

One day, he drove and I navigated using my cell phone. He drove very fast and the navigation directions couldn’t keep up, so he kept asking me, “Where do I go? Which way should I turn?” I was nervous, and he kept shouting at me.

His voice was loud and full of dissatisfaction. My nervousness suddenly turned into anger. I said, “You don’t care for the way I drive, but I don’t need to look at the cell phone to know where I am going. I can find my way by listening to the instructions.”

I really wanted to throw the phone at him or even get out of the car and leave, but I bit my lip and held back.

At home, still angry, I mentioned it to my wife. “I've worked for many companies, and I have seen all kinds of supervisors and bosses. But none of them were as controlling as he is. He is too domineering!”

My wife just looked at me with a smile. I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable because I realized that my behavior was not like a cultivator’s.

I remembered the story in Zhuan Falun about Han Xin being humiliated by a ruffian. I instantly saw competitive mentality.

Because the supervisors and bosses where I’d worked in the past had not given me chances to see my shortcomings and attachments, it's great that I am finally being made aware of them so that I can improve.

Instead of blaming Jiang, I should thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me improve my xinxing.