(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa has been spreading far and wide for 27 years. Fearing its popularity, the Chinese Communist Party launched a nationwide campaign against the peaceful mind-body practice in July 1999. Since then, millions of Falun Dafa practitioners have been detained, tortured, or even had their organs harvested.

Falun Dafa practitioners still hold firm to their faith even in detention. To herald the New Year, many detained practitioners sent in their greetings to wish Master Li Hongzhi a Happy New Year.

Some of the well-wishers are currently held in the following facilities and areas: Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province; Sanmenxia Detention Center in Henan Province; Gansu Prison; Xuchang Prison in Henan Province; Dalian, Liaoning Province; Weinan Prison in Shaanxi Province; Qingyang, Gansu Province; Woman Prison in Shaanxi Province; Siping, Jilin Province; Baishan, Jilin Province; Jilin City, Songyuan City, and Huadian City in Jilin Province; Jinan City, Longkou City, and Yantai City, Shandong Province; Taihe County, Anhui Province; Women's Prison in Changsha City, Hunan Province; Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Guangdong Province; and The first Women's Prison in Inner Mongolia.

Two practitioners imprisoned in Jinan City, Shandong Province said in their greeting: “although we are imprisoned, we do not regret for what we did—saving people. No matter where we are, we will remember our missions as Dafa disciples. Master, please do not worry about us. We will solidly cultivate and fulfill our oath. We wish Master a Happy New Year, and we thank Master for your salvation.”