(Minghui.org) Welcoming the arrival of the year 2020, Falun Dafa practitioners and Minghui reporters of Australia and New Zealand sent their most sincere greetings to Master Li Hongzhi, wishing him a happy New Year.

Practitioner reporters vowed to cultivate steadfastly in the new year, carry out the mission to save more sentient beings, and use their actions to thank Master’s compassionate saving of sentient beings.

Happy New Year to Master Li Hongzhi from Minghui reporters of Oceania.

Perfect Oneself and Change the World

“I feel fortunate of being a reporter for the Minghui website, and understand the responsibility that comes with it,” said Hua, a veteran practitioner who had started practicing Falun Dafa two decades ago, and has been working for Minghui for over 10 years.

“I experienced in person,” said Hua, “that every improvement of our body and mind are guided and protected by Master Li. For example, I developed a thought of compassion recently, and Master immediately arranged for me to break through a fundamental blockage. I am very grateful to Master.”

She explained that she used to hold herself as a Dafa practitioner when it came to Dafa related projects, but now she follows Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in every thought and every action of her daily life. Cultivation became part of her nature.

When writing a report recently, she could enter the state where her mind and body merged into one, holding very few human notions, and experienced the state of being highly confident. “I understood that Master could strengthen me the most when I was in such a state, and I can use the supernormal abilities developed during cultivation.”

“It’s like a phrase,” she said, 'I read in a video about Shen Yun performers, ‘Perfecting oneself and changing the world.’”

Supporting and Cooperating with Minghui Reporters

Zhang recalled his journey of cultivation practice and deeply appreciated Master’s protection and strengthening. He was not a liberal art major, and had no education or training about writing or editing. However, when it was to oppose the persecution, he had done a few revisions for fellow practitioners, and occasionally wrote to the Minghui website to expose the evil deeds.

“Since two years ago,” he said, “I have been reporting for Minghui. Master saw my intention, strengthened me with righteous thoughts, and gave me wisdom. This allows me to support and cooperate with other reporters.”

He continued, “During the process, I realized that the knowledge I had learned before is also useful in the projects to save sentient beings. Being a Dafa disciple, I will cherish this precious period of time, study the Fa well, and save more lives.”

Master Enlightened and Encouraged Me

Chen, a reporter for Minghui, said, “A question puzzled me for a long time. As a human being, I work to make a living. But, what is the purpose of making a living? “I found the answer after reading Zhuan Falun. The purpose of life is to become truthful, and return to our heavenly home.” She had practiced Falun Dafa for more than 20 years.

She shared that Falun Dafa continuously purifies her mind and body, and perfects her character to become more truthful, more compassionate and more tolerant. “I experienced the happiness of a life that assimilates to the Fa,” she said.

Chen joined recently the Minghui reporting team and experienced Master’s encouragement, and enlightenment, when working on her tasks. She said, “I can’t use many words to express my gratitude. Thank you Master! Happy New Year Master!”

Reporting for Minghui is an Honor and Responsibility

“Being a Falun Dafa practitioner,” said Daniel, “is the most honorable and most fortunate thing in my life!” Daniel said, “I had been searching for the meaning of life since very young. I had read many Buddhist scriptures and books about cultivation but only found the answer in Zhuan Falun in 2015.”

Since then, he followed the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in his daily life. He required himself to be a better man, be more compassionate, and help more people to know the merits of Falun Dafa, and the truth of the persecution.

“When I revisit the journey I traveled, I realized that Master always arranges the best for us,” recalled Daniel, “I knew it was an attachment that I wished to see Master and listen to his teaching in person. Like a miracle, I was able to attend the Fa conference in New York in 2019, and I saw Master Li in person.

“Master saved us from hell, and protected us on our journey of cultivation practice. Master arranged the best for us so that we can follow him to save sentient beings during this Fa-rectification period of time.”

“It is an honor and also a responsibility for Falun Dafa practitioners to report for the Minghui website. We had no chance to greet Master in previous years, while busy working on greetings from all over the world. This is a special opportunity for me to greet Master.

“Master, please be assured that we will walk well the remaining path, improve our characters, save more sentient beings, and follow Master to our homes in heaven. Happy New Year!”