(Minghui.org) Before I became pregnant, someone told me that she had dreamed that my child was not healthy. I became very concerned and worried about it after I got pregnant. 

During my pregnancy, I only took those tests that were necessary. When I was given medication for low progesterone, I only took it twice. I told my husband that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and the child would be fine without me taking the medicine. Then, another examination showed that I had high thyroxine. I ignored the doctor's recommendation as well. And the ultrasound showed that the baby was normal. I knew that this was blessings from Falun Dafa.

When I was in Beijing for training, I felt some wetness and I thought it was urine leaking due to pregnancy. I didn't think much. I completed my training and went home. Five days later when I went in for a checkup, the doctor said the baby's heart had murmur sounds. After the ultrasound, the doctor said my amniotic fluid was low and I might have a premature birth. She suggested that we go to a hospital.

On the way home, I started to feel pain in my abdominal, but I had no idea that it was contractions. After lunch, I tried to do the sitting meditation and hoped that the pain would go away. But, it didn't. I was in so much pain that I could not lay down. I asked Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) in my heart to help me and the baby. When I went to the restroom, I saw the umbilical cord had fallen out. Only then did I realize how serious it was! I called my husband and asked him to take me to the hospital immediately.

It was 6 p.m. and traffic jams were everywhere. It took us over an hour to get to the hospital. As soon as the doctor heard that the umbilical cord had fallen out, I was pushed into a delivery room. Then, the doctor told me the fetal heartbeat was only about 30, where a normal baby should be around 150. I was told that too much time had gone by since the umbilical cord had come off – usually a baby dies within a few minutes without the oxygen provided by the umbilical cord. The doctor told us that the baby would not live after birth. Grief-stricken, my husband and I signed the paper agreeing to give up on the child.

Finally, the doctor decided to induce labor, and I was moved to a delivery room. My mother is also a practitioner. I called her from the delivery room and told her that I had lost the baby in tears. My mom said, “Don't cry, keep a calm state.” She encouraged me to have faith in Dafa. I kept reciting “Falun Dafa is good” non-stop.

I didn't know how much time had gone by. I suddenly felt some movement on the left side of my abdominal. I asked a nurse and she said it was not possible. After a while, I noticed another movement. The baby had kicked me! I said to the nurse, “Come and see, my child is not dead. She is kicking!” The nurse measured the baby's heart again and found it was around 160~170. The doctor came and told me that as the baby had not had oxygen for such a long time, even if it lives, it might have some serious life-long health issues.

I was confident that the child would be fine given Master's protection. I said to the doctor, “I want to keep the baby as long as it can be saved!” I was given an ultrasound. It seemed that everything was normal except there was no umbilical fluid as the umbilical cord had come off.

The doctor still suggested that we abort the child. She said there is only a three to four-minute window to save a baby if the umbilical cord had come off. It had been over two hours for our baby. But, I was determined. The doctor then talked to my husband. She told him that the baby may be born with severe health issues, and I might get infections that would be hard to cure.

My husband, who doesn’t practice Falun Dafa, was very scared. He asked for my opinion. I said, “We gave up on the baby because we thought it could not be saved. Now that the baby has a heartbeat, I want to keep her no matter what.”

My husband saw that I was determined and then said, “Okay, we will do this together!” I was pushed into the delivery room. Within 10 minutes, the baby was born and I heard the cry. “It is a girl,” the doctor said, “This is a miracle!”

Within five minutes, all testing showed that the baby was normal and healthy. The baby showed no sign of oxygen deprivation.

A premature baby who was declared dead in my womb was born alive and healthy. I believe Master had given the child a second chance. When I was wheeled out of the delivery room, my family members waiting outside told me that they had been reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good” for me.

I left the hospital after seven days. But, the hospital wanted to keep the baby for another 40 days for observation. I said to the baby in my mind, “Baby, you ought to come home to mommy as soon as possible. Don't stay in the hospital for so long.”

To the surprise of doctors, my daughter was very healthy and able to return home after 19 days. People who saw her commented that she didn't look like a premature baby at all, because she was able to hold up her head for a long time within the first month.