(Minghui.org) Since the beginning of 2019, international and domestic affairs have undergone great changes. Especially after Master’s teachings at the New York Fa Conference on May 17, the situation in the world has changed even faster. In light of this situation, how well we clarify the truth is very important. It is also a test for Dafa disciples.

Some practitioners are very attached to the current tension in Hong Kong and the disputes between China and the U.S. All of the emotions they display are driven by ordinary people’s thinking. I believe that the current situation is due to the fact that Fa-rectification is about to manifest in the human world and so the most negative factors are being stirred up. Everyone in the world, including Falun Dafa practitioners, are positioning themselves.

As practitioners, our hearts cannot be affected by changes in the world’s situation, as that would give the old forces excuses to cause further disturbance. The lessons in this regard are numerous and profound. During these last historical moments, we should cooperate with celestial changes to do what Dafa disciples should do, and use the current changes as an opportunity to better clarify the truth and save people.

Master said,

“You carry with you the responsibility of saving all lives in the whole world, which is even more significant, so you must change your own thinking and conduct.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

“In any case, for Dafa disciples, we are thinking of ways to save people. That’s how it is.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

I recently used the Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests and the Sino-U.S. trade war as an opportunity to clarify the truth, with very good results.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been very frightened by Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill parades. They are harassing, monitoring and speeding up the sentencing of Falun Gong practitioners in China. The regional community personnel and police also constantly harass local practitioners.

The community director came to my home while I was reading news about the Sino-U.S. trade situation. I told him that the Party is deceiving people again. It’s clear that the CCP backed out of the trade negotiations but they tell the Chinese people that the U.S. backed out, in order to provoke public anger. He echoed what I said. I then told him the facts about the April 25 peaceful appeal by Falun Gong practitioners, and that then premier Zhu Rongji came out to talk to the practitioners and an amicable agreement was reached. Because the CCP decided to suppress Falun Gong, they claimed that practitioners surrounded Zhongnanhai, the central government compound. By using the current situation I was able to tell the community director a lot about Falun Gong. He said that he wanted to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

The CCP fears that the situation in Hong Kong will affect mainland China, so the police stations monitor Falun Gong practitioners. One day, two police officers came to “visit” me. They told me that these days there was a very strict blockade on the Internet so they weren’t aware of the changing situation in Hong Kong. Their superiors told them that one million people were marching in the streets in Hong Kong and that Falun Gong would soon “do something” in China. I said that the Party always claims that Falun Gong will “do something big” whenever anything significant happens.

I asked, “So many years have passed; have you seen any practitioner do anything besides talking to people about Falun Gong?” Then I told him that millions of people have participated in the anti-extradition bill parades in Hong Kong. During the biggest parade, two million people marched, which means that one third of Hong Kong’s people were on the streets protesting the bill.

I told the community director that in order to find an excuse to suppress people, the CCP had plainclothes police dress up as demonstrators to provoke trouble and engage in violence. Then the CCP claimed that the demonstrators are engaging in violence, and blamed the Hong Kong people for violence and terror, so they could use violence to suppress them. I said that the CCP’s suppression of Falun Gong was also based on lies. When the suppression was no longer effective, the CCP staged the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square to frame practitioners and provoke people into hating them. I said that throughout history, the CCP has continued to use these tactics in order to maintain its power.

I advised the community director to view the situation clearly and choose between good and evil.

I’d like to conclude my article by quoting Master’s teaching,

“From the beginning of heaven and earth, never has there been the grand cosmic phenomenon of the universe’s Fa-rectification; and from the beginning of heaven and earth, never have there been Dafa disciples. Master created this splendor and has led you to enter this historic moment. You should cultivate yourselves well, display who you are to your heart’s content while saving sentient beings, and do even better!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)