(Minghui.org) I went to the park one day in October 1994. I remember it was drizzling that day, but I could hear melodious music from a distance. I noticed a flag with Chinese characters that said, “China Falun Gong.”

I saw five elderly women doing the exercises, and I thought, “How impressive! I should check it out sometime!”

My back problem started up again after I came home from the park. It was quite painful so I stayed in bed for days. I fell into a light sleep and I thought I saw a young man walking into my room.

He asked how I was doing. I said I was in bed because of my back pain. He told me to lie down and he would check on me.

Before I had a chance to thank him, I was able to get up and walk. Something about that experience seemed quite miraculous to me.

I went to the park in May 1995. This time I saw a flag with Master’s photo, and I immediately recognized him. He was the young man who helped me with my back problem. He was the founder of Falun Gong! Master was already looking after me before I even became a practitioner.

A practitioner lent me a copy of Falun Gong and I read it in one sitting. The words in the book were bright and golden. I finally found a genuine teaching! I burned all my qigong books that night.

I went back to the practice site the next day, and the fellow practitioners had me watch videos of Master’s lectures. The walls and the ceiling of the room glowed with a red light.

I’ve had many amazing experiences since I became a practitioner.

One time when I was riding my bicycle, a truck was ahead of me. The truck stopped in front of my workplace and the driver asked if I was tired. “You pedaled so fast you almost caught up to me,” he said. I smiled and knew that Master helped me.

The audio player stopped working one morning at the practice site, so I recited the verses. While we did the second exercise, I saw practitioners standing on various kinds of lotus flowers. During the third exercise, practitioners had silver ribbons on their wrists. The ribbons fluttered up and down, and it looked really beautiful. I also noticed practitioners’ bodies were transparent.

I’ve been practicing for 24 years and I’m now an older practitioner. Master has protected me every step of the way. The only way I can pay him back is to be diligent in my cultivation. Thank you, Master!