(Minghui.org) A Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province resident was arrested on September 11, 2019 for practicing Falun Gong, a mind-body improvement practice that has been persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999.

Ms. Song Liqin's husband has been given the run-around in his efforts to inquire about her case and demand her release.

Ms. Song was arrested around 11 a.m. on the street near a hospital by a group of officers led by Feng Haibo, head of the Domestic Security Division within the Daqing City Police Department.

Feng took Ms. Song's house keys and ransacked her residence when no one was at home.

When Ms. Song's husband returned home, the door was wide open and the police were searching for Falun Gong related items. Several of his and his wife's old cellphones were laid out on the floor and one officer was taking photos of them.

Ms. Song's husband asked the police where they were from. Feng replied that he was from the Daqing City Police Department. He told the elderly man that his family name is Feng and added, “I'm not afraid of you.”

After the police left, Ms. Song's husband found that in addition to his wife's Falun Gong books and related materials that were confiscated, the 6,000 yuan cash in her wallet at home was also gone.

Ms. Song's husband went to the Kaifa District Police Station to demand her release. The security personnel at the gate refused him entry and told him to go back home and wait to be notified by officers in charge of the case within 24 hours.

Having received no information by the next afternoon, Ms. Song's husband returned to the police station, but he was still told to go back and wait for further notice. He refused to leave and insisted on having security find out who was in charge of the case. The security officer called his supervisor and was told that the Daqing City Police Department's Domestic Security Division ordered the arrest of Ms. Song.

Ms. Song's husband went to the Domestic Security Division on September 16 to look for Feng Haibo, but he was told by security personnel that Feng wasn't in his office.

He then called Feng's cellphone. Feng admitted that he was involved in Ms. Song's arrest and home ransacking, but said it was the Kaifa District Police Station that ordered him to do so.

Getting no information from Feng, Ms. Song's husband went to the Daqing City Police Department to inquire about the case and was directed to the appeals office within the police department.

He expressed his frustration to the staff member at the appeals office that one week following his wife's arrest, no one had contacted him or informed him of his wife's whereabouts.

The staff member said it was because Ms. Song refused to give them his phone number that they had no way to inform him. But he suspected that was only an excuse, as he believed the police must have channels to contact him, at least through the mail.

The staff member also told Ms. Song's husband that Zhou Lishuang, the head of Kaifa District Police Station, was handling her case and asked him to find Zhou at the police station at 8:30 a.m. on the next morning and Zhou would explain the case to him.

Ms. Song's husband met with Zhou on September 17 and was told that she is now held at the Daqing City No.1 Detention Center. But Zhou also said that the Domestic Security Division is actually responsible for the case and they were just following orders from that agency.