(Minghui.org) My wife has practiced Falun Dafa for over twenty years. Recently I had the thought of practicing Falun Dafa. My wife encouraged me to write down a recent incident at work so that the seeds of hope could be sown in others’ hearts. And also I want to thank Dafa and Master Li (the founder) for teaching me to be a good person.

I am a senior structural engineer. My company was asked to help design a building based off of blueprints from another company. I found some miscalculations with the drawings.

I brought it to the attention of my company’s engineer, but he showed little interest. He said that the other company had designed many buildings in our area using the same method. It was not his business to worry about their calculations.

Actually, all he cared about was how much money he was making in the stock market. He watched movies on the internet when he had spare time. Doing the extra work of designing a building would not make him much money. Furthermore, he wasn’t required to sign off on the designs, so we were not ultimately responsible for them.

Strictly speaking, I had no responsibility whatsoever since I was not in charge of the engineering calculations.

That night at home, my wife was watching a movie about the truth of Falun Gong entitled “Coming for You.” I watched it with her. The story was about a selfish, abusive, wife-beating husband. He later quit smoking and drinking and became a Dafa practitioner. He became responsible and kind to others.

He along with other practitioners risked their lives to go to Tiananmen Square to tell the truth about Falun Dafa and were persecuted. The story greatly moved me. I knew what it described was true, since my wife endured the same kind of persecution by the Chinese Communist Party for twenty years.

In the movie, high-level beings came down to the earth to save sentient beings. I had had similar visions in my dreams. I had wings, but they became heavier and heavier. I gradually sank, one level at a time. Eventually I came to the earth. Four other people came with me.

I was anxious to go back. I wanted to follow Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and become a good person who is altruistic. “I will read Zhuan Falun after I finish this project and when work slows down,” I told my wife.

The next day at work, I felt a sense of responsibility to the safety of the project. I suddenly felt that the people buying the houses were unfortunate. The housing project was located in a medium-sized city in Liaoning province. People might need to spend their whole life savings to buy a unit.

Most troublesome were the safety problems. The designers were lazy and irresponsible. The contractors cut corners. Accidents caused by building safety issues happen frequently in China. Many of these buildings were built by very large developers. These accidents are a result of the lowering of people’s moral standards. The whole society is declining. Everyone stresses money and profit, rushing the projects and being irresponsible.

So I re-ran the calculation model. I found the original calculation was wrong. The beam was not strong enough. The stress of the load could cause it to break abruptly without warning.

I went to the engineer doing the calculation in our company again and showed him my results. Although most people nowadays are not receptive to other people’s input, I felt I had to do what is right. I needed to think on behalf of the people buying the houses.

The engineer’s reaction was positive. He picked up the phone and called the other company. The people in charge realized the seriousness of the problem. They were surprised that even the government inspection had not discovered the problem.

I told my wife after going home, “I need to thank Master Li. He solved my problem at work when I developed thoughts of cultivating in Dafa. He let me help the residents of the new neighborhood avoid potential problems, so I will not feel sorry in the future.”