(Minghui.org) In practicing the ancient mind-body discipline Falun Dafa, there have been no shortage of miracles.

Two practitioners shared their stories below.

“My Father Was Fine after Falling Off the Roof”

I'm from Hebei Province. In the winter of 1998, less than a year after my father took up Falun Dafa, the power line was being re-routed in our village. Those in charge thought the big Japanese pagoda tree in our yard was in their way and asked if they could cut it down. They said they would offer us 500 yuan in compensation, but only with an IOU slip.

We had planted that tree 30 years before, and it had grown very tall and was flourishing. We could make several hundred yuan a year selling its fruit.

It would have been impossible for my father to agree to that unreasonable request had he not practiced Falun Dafa. But now he had learned to put others before himself. He agreed to take down the tree.

On the day the tree was to be cut down, my father, in his 60s, went up on the roof of the house to help. But before he knew it, he fell down, head first.

Everyone was dumbfounded and they all rushed to help him.

On the ground next to the house were a bunch of cabbages and a bucket. Fortunately, my father landed on the cabbages, but his head hit the bucket, which broke into pieces.

Someone pulled my father up and asked, “Are you alright?”

My father replied, “I’m fine.”

Another man commented, “He practices Falun Dafa. He will be fine. He has a Master who protects his disciples.”

They helped my father sit up and looked at him. He was indeed fine and no injury was found on his head, back, arms, legs, or feet. Everyone gave a sigh of relief and went back to work.

News of the incident spread throughout the village. People were amazed and many took up Falun Dafa themselves.

“My Broken Back Was Fixed”

I'm from China. I had only been learning Falun Dafa for several months when the persecution began in 1999. Fear got the better of me, and I stopped practicing.

At the end of 1999, I ran into a big rock and my tricycle fell on me. An X-ray revealed that my spine was fractured, and the doctor suggested that I needed to have an operation, otherwise I might become disabled.

But how could I pay for it? We had several children to raise and no extra savings. And if I did have the surgery, who would take care of me?

That night I was very worried about my future.

“Why don't you practice Falun Dafa?” I heard a voice say to me.

I looked around—there was nobody in the room. I realized it might be a hint from Master Li.

I went to a fellow practitioner's home the very next day. He was doing the exercises with several others who were still persevering in their faith despite the persecution. I told them my situation and that I thought Master had given me a hint the night before. They were happy for me that I wanted to continue cultivation.

Because I could not stand, I did the meditation with them. As soon as I sat down, I felt cold air go into my back and the pain was excruciating. I held on tight and refused to give up.

Shortly afterward, I felt a warm current in my back that was very comfortable and soothing. It went back and forth four times. After the meditation, my back pain was gone! I knew Master had helped me.

I was able to work the next day. I even pulled several cart-loads of dirt to fill up the backyard.

My gratitude was beyond words. I made up my mind, no matter how hard it would be, I would never give up practicing Dafa, ever again. Fellow practitioners were greatly moved to witness the wonder of Dafa!