(Minghui.org) Since July, there have been several incidents of mass arrests of Falun Dafa practitioners in China.

There were multiple arrests in the Jiujiang area in Jiangxi Province. Material production sites were sabotaged and the losses were tremendous.

One of the reasons for the arrests was the practitioners’ carelessness in using their cellphones, through which the police can easily track and monitor you.

In my area, a practitioner reminded us to pay extra attention to cellphone safety, pointing out that we must be more rational and wiser as Fa-rectification heads toward the end. We should be responsible to the Fa, our fellow practitioners, the sentient beings, and ourselves.

In addition to paying attention to our own cellphones, we should also pay attention to our family members’ phones in order to minimize tracking.

Indeed, tapping phones, monitoring, and collecting data on individuals are being used right and left by the communist regime to control its people.

Having Righteous Thoughts

I used to feel helpless and not know what to do when it came to protecting ourselves from such widespread technology. But one day the words “righteous thoughts” appeared in my head.

How can I feel hopeless when I have Master? While we pay attention to cellphone safety on the surface, we should also use our righteous thoughts and abilities in other dimensions to dissolve all evils when they interfere with us saving people.

Every practitioner is responsible for the numerous dimensions in the universe that he or she corresponds to. If every practitioner does well, his or her dimensions will be filled with righteous matter and energy. If all practitioners could form one entity, then there would be no room left for the evil to exploit. This is how we negate all evil arrangements.

We must believe that we possess supernormal abilities to eliminate evil because Master gave them to us a long time ago. We should believe in Master and use them. Also we should mind what we say around our families in the presence of their cellphones. Master will take care of the rest in other dimensions.

Be Rational

Master has been telling us about the importance of cellphone safety. Some practitioners still haven’t caught up and paid enough attention. We are against the persecution and should not walk the path arranged by the evil. We shouldn’t tell ourselves that it is not a big deal.

That would be irrational, like the person described in Zhuan Falun:

“There was someone who held my book in his hand and walked into the street, shouting, “With Teacher Li’s protection, I know cars can’t hit me.” That was damaging Dafa, and we won’t protect such a person.” (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun)

It’s really not hard to cut down on cellphone use; it is our attachment that we can’t relinquish. I haven’t been using my cellphone for years, except in a few circumstances. In the process I have eliminated many of my attachments, such as my ego.

I used to feel bad not using my cellphone as much as others, as if I wasn’t as knowledgeable as they. Also, when my family and friends couldn’t get a hold of me as easily as they wanted to, they would criticize me.

After I let go of my attachment to competitiveness and saving face, however, they simply got used to me being that way.

Let’s not make our use of cellphones cause Master to worry. We should stop relying on and being attached to our cellphones. Together we should catch up with the Fa-rectification progress Master arranged for us.