(Minghui.org) Recently, a fellow cultivator started group Fa-study sessions and encouraged practitioners to share experiences. Amid these discussions, we had some differences regarding certain translations of Dafa books. I was defensive at first, but later grew quiet and accepted their opinions.

This practitioner later told me to be more active and open about the issue. I told him that I had recently been challenged by the attachment of lust, which caused me to take a step back from cultivation.

Hearing this, he told me about his experience-sharing paper about restarting cultivation and how he overcame the interference of lust after studying one lecture of Zhuan Falun each day. I told him that I would share my story and open up.

I did not want to trouble others or share my shortcomings with them, so I told him, “Whatever inspiration you have, you should keep it up and keep going forward. Also, you should not be so concerned about others.”

Thinking back, his diligent cultivation had previously encouraged me as well, but he had a history of failing to keep it up for the long run, so I encouraged him to stick to it this time. I also suggested that he go to a local Fa-study group and exercises once a week and also take the lead role in the promotion of Shen Yun Performing Arts. He agreed.

After that, something miraculous happened. I am an unmarried person. In the past, on my way to work, my mind often became filled with lustful thoughts whenever I saw someone attractive. It became routine and persisted for two to three years. This reaction became second nature and affected my actions to validate the Fa. I struggled every time to keep these thoughts at bay. To my surprise, the wicked thoughts simply disappeared and no longer popped up as they did before. I could not believe it.

In “Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference,” Master said:

“People say being addicted … let me tell you what addiction is. People believe that, medically, when one’s addictive nerve is being stimulated and becomes strong, one has addiction. That’s actually not true. What is it? In your body, a “you” is accumulated over time that bears the exact same appearance as you. However, it is composed of that thing and it controls you. Because it’s a very strong attachment that forms into your image, it is therefore so very strong that it can control your heart. This is because it’s formed by a very strong attachment.”

I believe that another “me,” one made of this material, was removed by sharing understandings with the other practitioner and by reading his experience-sharing paper. I am thankful for his encouragement in Fa-study and righteous thoughts, and I am thankful to Master.

I realize that I must continue to cultivate my xinxing even though the addiction has been removed. I would also like to encourage fellow cultivators to keep up with Fa-study and be diligent.

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