(Minghui.org) After I arrived home one night, I went to check my phone to see if I had missed any calls. As soon as I opened the door to the room where I'd left my phone, I noticed that my phone was in operation.

The screen was switching pages automatically. Later, both the Bluetooth and Wifi were turned on, and so was the flashlight. Luckily, I had covered the camera on both sides, so nothing in the room could be seen. A few of my files were then opened before the phone went back to the normal default status. The entire process happened without me touching anything.

Some practitioners do not pay as much attention to mobile phone security as they did before. They think that as Fa-rectification is close to the end, people have awakened, the righteous elements are increasing, the evil factors are being decimated, and it is less and less possible for the persecution to materialize on a large scale.

Even though Fa-rectification is moving forward rapidly, it still hasn't ended. From reports on Minghui.org we can see that the persecution is still very serious in some areas.

Master said:

“I've said before that the evil won't stop persecuting even right up until the very end. Even if it's going to end tomorrow, today that evil will still do evil just the same.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

We must keep a clear mind and be sensible when using our mobile phones, and we must not allow the old forces to take advantage of us. As long as our names are on the Chinese government's blacklist, we are definitely being monitored.

The situation that I experienced with my mobile phone might have happened many times before I happened to witness it with my own eyes. How easy and simple it is for someone to have remote control of my mobile phone is beyond my comprehension. Telephone numbers, messages, images and files on our phones are visible to the spies, who can also open both of the cameras to monitor inside our houses.

In fact, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) monitors practitioners in all aspects in order to keep track of our whereabouts. There are several types of surveillance used.

Voice Eavesdropping

Most people are aware that there are no secrets when we are talking on our phones. Voice eavesdropping is very common, as the CCP can find out which practitioners we keep in touch with, and who else contacts that practitioner; which phone calls are between practitioners, and which are between practitioners and non-practitioners. They can categorize all of this after analyzing the data collected.

If practitioners carelessly talk about something sensitive on the phone, especially any important Dafa-related projects, that could result in damage to the project. So it would be better to talk about such important things face-to-face, without our mobile phone being around.

Another thing we need to pay attention to is that our family members are also under police surveillance. If the police can't find the information they want from our phones, they will tap our family members' phones to get the information they want. Our family members may not be Dafa cultivators and may not know the importance of minding their speech, so they might inadvertently give away sensitive information over the phone.

Eavesdropping on the Environment

Apart from eavesdropping on our phone, the police also eavesdrop on our environment. If we leave our phones near a printer, when the machine is running, the sound can be heard very clearly.

When practitioners gather for group Fa study, we should not bring our mobile phones in order to avoid the phones being tapped. As long as we take our phones with us, we have to mind our speech. Otherwise, our Dafa projects will be ruined by the police even before we do them.

Tracking Location

A practitioner once went to another city for a party. On the way there, he wanted to recite the Fa. He turned his mobile to airplane mode and turned off location tracking. After arrival, he found that he had many phone calls from numbers he didn't recognize. This practitioner realized that the police were trying to find where he was, so they kept calling him, in order to locate him.

It is better not to take phones with us when taking part in large-scale activities. As many practitioners will go to the same place at the same time, it would draw the police's attention. And taking the battery out may not be sufficient, so having the phones with us can still put ourselves and other practitioners in danger.

Though some practitioners are not on the police's blacklist, they also need to watch out. As Master said:

“I can tell you that many countries have grown increasingly interested, and are monitoring you. You might think that you’re just a regular practitioner, and of nobody’s concern, but when you make a phone call even things like chitchat, when you went grocery shopping, and when you will eat are recorded, and they analyze everything they can about you. Are you aware of how companies go about analyzing commercial intelligence? It’s based on these things. As long as you carry a mobile phone on you, they have already learned a lot about you.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”, Team Yellow Translation)

Master has mentioned many times about mobile phone security, and practitioners have shared their understandings and experiences on this topic. To be responsible for Dafa and for our personal safety, we all need to pay more attention to phone security.