(Minghui.org) Everything that I ate tasted bland and disgusting in July 2018, and I didn’t have any appetite. This lasted for about four months.

A thought then occurred to me one day:

“Eating, but caring not to taste—The palate’s attachments severed. ”(“Abiding in the Dao,” Hong Yin)

I enlightened that it was time for me to eliminate my attachment to food. I also realized that this was a state reflected by my higher energy.

Master Li said,

“To understand the approach we take, you have to bear in mind that ours is a practice where the Way “works upon you,” as we put it. In this kind of practice certain bodily states will be brought about by the higher energy you have, or by the Way. Different states will come about as you reach different stages of attainment in your practice. And so one day, or even today, right after I finish teaching this class, some of you might find that you can’t eat meat. It will smell unpleasant to you, and eating it would make you nauseous. This, then, is a kind of abstention that’s not imposed upon you, nor one that you force upon yourself. It comes from within you. It is a distaste for meat that’s triggered by the higher energy that you have, and it occurs because you have reached that stage. And it’s real enough that you would actually vomit if you were to consume meat.” (The Seventh Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I did not think much about it and didn’t eat meat when I couldn’t. Sometimes, I didn’t feel hungry when I was too busy and didn’t eat. I eventually became emaciated, but I wasn’t worried. I continued to do what I had to do. When people asked me, “How come you’ve lost so much weight? Are you alright?” “I’m okay. Being thin is no big deal as long as I feel healthy,” I calmly replied.

Another time, I met several people who knew I practice Falun Dafa. One of them said, “You’ve lost even more weight.” I said, “Master is adjusting my body. My legs are thinner now, so it’s easier for me to cross my legs in the full lotus position. It’s great!”

Another said, “I’ve wanted to lose weight, but I haven’t been able to. See, you’ve kept expelling the bad things from your body and taking in the good stuff.” I was stunned to hear her say that. Wasn’t Master giving me a hint through her words? Master was indeed trying to purify the most outward things of mine.

I continued to do the three things every day. Someone once said that the color of my face didn’t look too good. At home, I checked in the mirror and saw that was indeed the case. It would be normal for an everyday person to look pale after three months of not eating well, but I was a practitioner—my face should not look that way. I was confident that it would change very soon.

My complexion indeed changed a week later. People would often comment, “You are in good health. Your complexion looks great. You don’t look like you are in your 70s.” Some even wanted to learn Falun Dafa after seeing me.