(Minghui.org) Liang, a Falun Dafa practitioner, was hit by a car in 2018. She was unconscious and taken to the hospital for emergency care. Her face was severely injured: her eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets, her head and mouth were severely swollen and she needed a lot of stitches. When I saw her at the hospital, I couldn't recognize her.

Liang didn’t think much about her appearance, neither did she worry that she would look ugly from the scars. Instead, she looked inward to understand why she was in such an accident. Was it because she had neglected to do the three things asked of practitioners well? Did she lack motivation when studying the teachings of Falun Dafa? Was she not focused when sending forth righteous thoughts? Did she not put enough effort into saving people? What attachments, desires or notions blocked her from being diligent in cultivation?

She continuously looked inward and rectified herself for six months. As she improved her xinxing, her appearance gradually returned to normal. The stitches didn’t leave any scars, and her complexion became clear and smooth.

Awakening from the Brink of Death

Ming was diligent in cultivation when she first began practicing Falun Dafa with her mother. She once saw the words, “sun and moon in the sky” while doing the meditation exercise.

Her mother was later persecuted by the Communist Party and forced to leave home. Without her mother’s help to take care of her daughter, Ming had to move to a different city to find work. She eventually found work at an infectious disease hospital.

Due to the heavy workload and loss of her cultivation environment, Ming did not remain diligent and gradually stopped practicing. She then became ill and was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was told she only had 20 days to live. The doctor took pity on her and prescribed some medication. With the help of fellow practitioners, she returned to her hometown.

When I visited Ming, she was emaciated, weak, and she was not thinking clearly. She was staying in a rented room, and her husband was not treating her well.

When she saw me, she cried and said, “Maybe I should die.” I felt that this was not a good thought and replied, “If you die, what about your daughter? And what will happen to all of the beings in your world? Only when you get up and do the exercises, can Master Li save you!”

I helped her sit upright to do the meditation exercise. Thirty minutes later, she refused to continue because something in her stomach was making her feel very uncomfortable. I encouraged her, “Keep it up! You must endure! Master is helping to cleanse your body.”

She reached for one of the medicine bottles, but it fell to the ground and broke. She then tried to grab the other one, but it also fell and shattered. Ming realized that she shouldn’t take the medicine and persisted in continuing with the meditation exercise for an hour.

When she finished doing the meditation, she was able to get up and walk. She threw away all her medications. Since then, she did the Dafa exercises every day, sent righteous thoughts, and looked within to improve herself.

Ming fully recovered after 20 days. When she went back to work at the same hospital, her colleagues, friends, and the doctors were amazed. They asked how she was able to get cured so quickly. She told them that is was Falun Dafa and Master Li Hongzhi that had saved her and gave her a second chance in life!

She later told me about a dream she had. She had flown to a very beautiful place with a pavilion, flowers and trees. The colors there were transparent and bright, and could not be found in the human realm. There were not many people there. When they saw her, they surrounded her and tried to prevent her from leaving. They told her that she was the son of the sun god, called Prince Carlos. They hoped that she would stay and lead them to build a better world.

Ming clearly knew that she had to go back to Earth no matter how beautiful the place was. Master had warned us about such situations, so she was not tempted. And with this thought, she came back!