(Minghui.org) Yang Chunsheng, the head of the 15th ward at Shanxi Province Men's Prison, has been actively persecuting Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned for their faith.

Yang also instigated several inmates, including Bai Zhongyu, Yang Xiaoming, Pan Zhe, and Wu Gaofeng, to assist him in the persecution, with the rewards of term reduction.

Nearly two dozens practitioners have been savagely beaten by Yang since 2018, resulting in severe injuries.

Mr. Zhang Xisheng was beaten for several days in a row and had bruises all over his body.

Mr. Tian Yunfei was beaten to the point that his entire body festered.

Mr. Zhao Yijun became incontinent.

Mr. Yang Miao, 60, had a swollen face and was unable to walk.

Mr. Zhang Yanbing, 45, had severe bleeding in his mouth, nose, and left eye. He fainted several times.

Mr. Wang Yijun, a demobilized military officer, suffered four broken ribs and a ruptured eardrum.

Mr. Zhao Wenxuan, who was admitted to prison on April 15, 2019, was savagely beaten for a week. Yang and other inmates stabbed his fingernails with the tip of a pen, stomped on his chest and abdomen, and hit his ribs and neck. One of his toenails fell off after being stepped on. Mr. Zhao vomited blood and also had blood in his stool. During the time he wasn't beaten, Yang forced him to stand for hours without moving.

Mr. Liu Yuhong, who was admitted to prison on April 16, 2019, lost several teeth and suffered broken ribs from the beatings.

Other practitioners who were beaten by Yang include Mr. Li Jianwu, Mr. Yang Bin, Mr. Ma Zhanguo, Mr. Xia Runtang, Mr. Cheng Hao, Mr. Zhao Mingtang, Mr. Hu Youguang, Mr. Liu Ruixing, Mr. Xue Fugui, Mr. Zhang Hui, Mr. Zhang Erhu, Mr. Shi Mingqian, Mr. Lei Libin, and Mr. Wang Zhong.

Some practitioners filed complaints against Yang to the prison authorities in 2018. But Yang was only fined 200 yuan without other punishment. He continued to beat the practitioners afterwards and caused severe injuries in them.

A few practitioners filed another complaint against Yang in March 2019. The prison authorities only talked to several of the victims, without asking anything about the details or their injuries.

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