(Minghui.org) Mr. Zhang Yanbing and other Falun Gong practitioners who have been imprisoned at the Jinzhong Prison in Shanxi Province are routinely singled out for torture.

Mr. Zhang Yanbing Beaten

Mr. Zhang Yanbing, 45 years old, is from Wangzhuang Coal Mine, Lu'an Group at Changzhi City. He was illegally sentenced to 3 years in prison for practicing Falun Gong and was imprisoned at the Jinzhong Prison in Qi County, Shanxi Province on August 16, 2018. He was severely beaten by Yang Chunsheng, head of the No. 15 Prison Ward, and others.

The day Mr. Zhang was imprisoned, Yang slapped him in the face in front of the prison entrance and told him that he especially hated Falun Gong practitioners and would torture him. Later, Yang ordered five inmates, Bai Zhongyu, Yang Xiaoming, Wu Gaofeng, Shan Haijun, and Li Guofeng to beat Mr. Zhang continuously in a no-surveillance room for hours. Mr. Zhang was injured to the point that he collapsed and could not get up. Three of the prisoners then held Mr. Zhang's arms while another prisoner stepped on his feet to hold him down, while the others continued to take turns beating him.

Later, when the prisoners' hands became tired, they used a wooden plank to beat Mr. Zhang on his torso, legs, and buttocks. They intentionally used the edge of the plank to beat the protruding bone of Mr. Zhang's ankle. Mr. Zhang's nose and mouth bled profusely, and he could not see or hear clearly. He fainted a few times, but the inmates just revived him and continued beating him until he fainted again.

Inmate Bai Zhongyu beat Mr. Zhang again on the evening of October 14. He dragged him to a corner of the prison that was outside of the surveillance zone and repeatedly kicked him. Mr. Zhang's mouth, nose, and left eye did not stop bleeding for a long time.

Inmate Bai Zhongyu Targeted Practitioners for Abuse

Bai Zhongyu is the head inmate in the No. 15 Prison Ward. He was instructed by prison ward head Yang Chunsheng to severely abuse Falun Gong practitioners. He not only beat Mr. Zhang but also enticed new prisoners with rewards for beating the practitioners.

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Yijun from Yicheng, Linfen City was beaten so badly that his ribs were broken and his eardrum was perforated. Mr. Cheng Hao from Wenshui City was continuously tortured for hours. Seventy-year-old Mr. Xue Fugui from Taiyuan City was beaten to the point of sustaining acute head trauma. Mr. Tian Yunfei from Taiyuan City was so brutally beaten that his body was covered with bruises.

The Jinzhong Prison is notorious as a site where Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted since the Chinese Communist Party started the persecution in 1999. According to reports on the Minghui website, twelve Falun Gong practitioners have died as a result of torture and mistreatment in this prison.

Personnel responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners:

Yang Chunsheng (杨春生), head of No. 15 Prison Ward in Jinzhong Prison: +86-15303545699