(Minghui.org) The ages between 29 to 49 are two decades that are the most crucial moments in life. I was fortunate to become a Dafa practitioner during this time. The practice of Falun Dafa not only made me no longer drift in this morally declining society, it allowed me to move against the current.

Changing from Being Weak to Being Strong

I have been very sensitive to pain from an early age and would cry at the slightest pain. I remember when I was in high school, I went to the hospital for an injection. The doctor did not warn me before the injection, so I took off before the needle pierced my skin. Thus, I needed another injection.

After getting married, I still burst into tears when I had a small cut on my hand. When I gave birth to my son, I broke out in tears. My mother-in-law thought that I was too spoiled. I can’t do anything about it. I am simply afraid of any pain and don’t have any perseverance.

I fortunately started to practice Falun Dafa in 1999. At that time, I only knew to be a kind person. I didn’t have any urgency, and did things at my own pace.

The local police suddenly ransacked my house and arrested my husband and me in 2001. Facing the outrageous action, I cried. I felt wronged and misunderstood. A few days later, they transferred me to a detention center. On the way to the detention center I became strong and sensible. I was no longer in fear. I realized later that it was Master’s strengthening. I stood up and encouraged my fellow practitioners who were also arrested, “We did not commit a crime, and should hold our heads high.”

In the days that followed, I was beaten and kicked by the guards. They used an electric baton to shock me, brutally force-fed me, deprived me of sleep, and hung me up. But, I felt Master’s compassionate protection and blessing again and again. My fear was dissolved. I understood that my life was for the Fa. I truly became a cultivator instead of just a good person.

I realized later that I became stronger and stronger. I survived the tribulation again and again. Rather than falling, I saw the true face of evil, and how precious Dafa is.

When I came back to talk about my personal experience to relatives and friends, they couldn’t believe it. My niece could not stop crying. Since then, they truly believed that the evil Party could commit crimes that are beyond imagination.

It is Dafa that makes me strong, rational and mature. In retrospect, it is just a process of tempering, a process of purification, and improvement of life.

Dafa Turns Me Into a Virtuous Person

Before obtaining the Fa, my husband got severe femoral head necrosis [interruption of blood supply to the bone]. At that time, due to various pressures in life, my husband’s family and I quarreled all the time, and eventually stopped seeing each other. I was so disappointed, depressed and heartbroken.

I thought of divorce many times, but the little moral conscience left in my heart stopped me from abandoning my husband and children. I could only live in pain. I didn’t know how low I was going to fall. The pain and hopelessness dragged me into a morally dangerous situation. I even learned to play mahjong to get away from troubles, and would let no one disabuse me of this.

My mother was very sad when I was depressed and did not know what to do. She put Zhuan Falun in my bag when I visited her and told me: “If you have time, please read this book and stop playing mahjong. That is completely wrong.”

I was fortunate enough to obtain the Fa. I understand that everything is predestined. I stopped blaming others.

After my husband stepped into Dafa, he was getting better. His legs no longer hurt and he was able to work. However, because of the femoral head, his legs were severely deformed, and he limped. Some said that my husband looked older than me. I told them that personality is of most importance to me, and my husband’s personality is very compatible with mine. Some asked why he limped. I told them that he had severe femoral head necrosis. If he had not learned Falun Dafa, he probably would be bedridden or would have died.

The 610 Office staff found my husband and I and demanded that we give up cultivation. I asked them: “Without Dafa, how could my husband have gotten better?”

That being said, sometimes my vanity did not like my husband to go to my company. I didn’t want my relatives and friends to see him limping. In other people’s eyes, I am not bad. Then why do I have a husband who limps and is bald? When I was angry with him, I felt that life was unfair and said, “I don’t know which life I owed you that I have to suffer with you.” He told me: “We are blessed to be together, to acquire the Fa together, and to help Master in the Fa-rectification.” That is so true. For all these years, we have supported each other, we never gave up, and learned from each other. We made Dafa informational materials, distributed fliers, hung banners, coordinated events, and so on. I really should cherish our blessed relationship.

In a dream, Master gave me a lot of hints. My husband and I have always been blessed and confronted suffering together. Gradually, we are more and more in sync.

Master said: “Those who do, will be free of human sentiments and unflappable. In its place will arise compassion, something far more noble.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

In other people’s eyes, we are a loving couple who are respected and appreciated by relatives and friends. Once, my husband and I helped a fellow practitioner to move. The landlord thumbed up both hands after knowing some of our experiences and praised me as a wonderful woman. I told her that Dafa made me who I am today.

In this immoral society, for the sake of money, power, personal interests, it is no longer strange that people get divorced, abandon their children and families. What are morality and ethics? How many women do not behave morally upright? Dafa let me understand the truth about marriage, and understand my fate. Looking at the chaos governing the world, I felt lucky so many times that I stepped into cultivation. It is Master who purified me.

Dafa Gives Me Wisdom

The power of Dafa has shown itself during my life, work, and cultivation. I am an enthusiastic person. Whatever Dafa needs to do, whenever fellow practitioners need help, as long as I am aware of it, I will unconditionally cooperate and get it done. So I am always busy during the day.

Since last year, I have been helping practitioners who can't write. I was amazed and touched over and over again by listening to their cultivation stories and sentiments. When they talked about their thoughts, I saw the great feats accomplished by Dafa disciples when getting rid of their attachments. I was moved to tears, moved by Master’s grand mercy, and moved by the righteous thoughts of fellow practitioners.

I used to be a very emotional person. I unconsciously lived the role of a given practitioner while writing. Sometimes I even felt their pain, and then enlightened after understanding the Fa. Reading the sentence I wrote, they would blurt out, “Yes, that is exactly what I have thought about but couldn’t express it.

After I got up one morning, a few words came into my mind – rise from the ashes! I knew the approximate meaning of these words, but I didn’t know why these words came to mind. Then, I just let it go.

Two days later, I met a fellow practitioner and talked about writing. She began to talk to me about her cultivation experience. My heart was crying while listening. Her experience was truly rising from the ashes. Aren’t these words really used for her? Why did the words hit my mind these days? Why did I meet her now? I lament on the mysteries of life. It turned out that everything is a subtle and orderly arrangement by Master.

Because Dafa disciples value truth, in order to verify the authenticity of a manuscript, I have to proofread it many times. After I went back home, I had to continuously improve on the drafts, sort and order, as well as rearrange it. I felt extremely tired for some time and would like to take a break, sort out my own ideas and write my own experiences.

A practitioner and I talked about the cultivation story of another practitioner. It was very touching. He hoped that I could help her write, but I thought to decline it. My husband chimed in, “You are so selfish. Your own manuscript can be written later, while this practitioner does not have a chance.” I felt his words made sense.

If the story of the practitioners can let more people understand the truth, inspire the good thoughts from others, enlighten practitioners trapped in tribulations, what is the difference between writing her story or mine.

We paid a special visit to that practitioner, and listened to her cultivation story in person. She looked like a fragile lady, delicate and elegant, but her story made me cry several times. I kept saying in my heart, “Nowadays only Dafa disciples can do it.”

Later, after I finished writing her manuscript, I showed it to my husband. He also broke out into tears. He said, “This practitioner is so great. It is not easy to do what she did.”

Hearing, seeing, and feeling these pure and righteous hearts of practitioners, precious cultivation information and extraordinary stories, I suddenly realized that Master’s compassion helped me gain so much. It is Dafa that opened the door of wisdom so I can record all this. Is it helping practitioners? I am helping myself. I also benefited so much in this process and it has lifted myself up.