(Minghui.org) I was patting my son to sleep a couple of days ago when I suddenly felt very tired. It was still 30 minutes before the time to send forth righteous thoughts, so I decided to take a nap.

I overslept. In the dream, I was back in China with my immediate family and other relatives sitting around me. The sky suddenly turned very bright with rainbow-colored lights, and Master Li appeared as the greatest Buddha in the sky. Surrounding him were numerous Buddhas, Taos and other divine beings who were sitting in the lotus position (both legs crossed over the other), each in their own colorful circle of light.

I heard Master Li say something about how he would show everyone what they didn’t believe. He waved his hand and everyone’s celestial eye opened. Everyone was surprised and happy. I extended my arm and looked at my hand. My hand was emitting many beams of colorful light. I turned to ask my mother and relatives if they could see it too. They nodded and said that they could also see it.

The scene in the dream changed to that of a street. My mother and I saw a display board introducing the merits of Falun Dafa and the facts of the brutal persecution. She read through everything and shouted, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” (She has not accepted this in this human world yet.)

We then saw a display board urging people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. She nodded in agreement and quit the Party. I chose the pseudonym “Ming Tian” for her to quit with.

The scene in the dream then jumped to a few days later. I asked a relative if his celestial eye could still see anything. I turned and saw a mountain behind me in the distance with rows and rows Buddhas sitting in the lotus position. They all had curly blue hair and wore orange robes. The Buddhas were countless, in rows from near to far.

They all appeared very real in the dream. It happened so suddenly, but also calmly and peacefully, in a way you could naturally understand.

The next morning I shared my dream with my husband. I also looked inward as to why I was with ordinary people instead of with Consummated fellow practitioners sitting in the sky. I understood that I had been slack and didn’t send forth righteous thoughts. I had only practiced Falun Dafa for three months, and I had a great distance to catch up with veteran practitioners. I realized that I must be very diligent to become a disciple of the Fa-rectification period.

The following night I had a dream sequential to the previous one. I saw a scene after the Fa had rectified the human world. Two people were arguing about something. However, after a few words, both of them apologized to each other. The moral level of society was very high. People had seen Buddhas and other divine beings and they were very grateful to have been saved by Falun Dafa.

In the dream, I instantly sensed that cultivation in such a peaceful society is very difficult. Without conflicts and confrontations, it becomes very difficult for one to raise one’s xinxing.

Master said,

“If you are somebody who’s really determined to cultivate, then I’d say it turns out it’s a good thing. If there weren’t any disagreements, or if there wasn’t a chance to improve your character, you wouldn’t be able to go up, actually—you’re nice, I’m nice, and all’s well... how are you going to cultivate?” (Zhuan Falun, The Ninth Talk)

In my dream, there were very few cars in the streets, and every driver followed the rules. I didn’t see any policemen and yet everyone was moving in an orderly fashion.

“And we’ve said, too, that if every one of us cultivates inward, if every one of us examines his own character for causes, if when we don’t do well we look inside ourselves for the cause, and we try to do better next time, and if we think about other people first any time we do something, then the world will change for the better, morals will go back up, people’s civility will improve, and crime will go down. Maybe we won’t even need policemen. There will be no need for things like neighborhood watch, and everyone will watch over himself, and they’ll look inside their own minds to fix things. Wouldn’t you say that’d be great?” (Zhuan Falun, The Ninth Talk)

After I woke up, I realized that my son had been helping me to cultivate, but I had not accepted his help and had pushed him away. He appeared to be unreasonable at home. He would lie on the floor and cry his eyes out, or cite my wrongdoings or missed promises in order to criticize me, or yell and run around the house insanely.

My husband and I had been so frustrated at times that we had even discussed having him live with someone else for a while.

However, after these two dreams I understood that my son was here to help me to cultivate my xinxing. I believe Master had arranged these tribulations to test me and to help me to advance quickly.

“As the Great Enlightened Beings see it, being human isn’t the purpose: a person’s life isn’t for being human, but to have you return. People think that they suffer a lot. But they think that the more you suffer, the better—it pays off your debts faster. That’s how they think.” (Zhuan Falun, The Fourth Talk)

I learned to look inward when unreasonable things happen. This morning, my son played his games again. I smiled and thought that Master had given me another opportunity. No matter how my son cried and rolled on the floor, I didn’t feel any pain in my heart. I simply watched him and waited until he calmed down. I then continued my routine undisturbed.

As a result, my son completely changed his behavior. He used to be slow and was almost always late to school. Today, out of nowhere, he said he wanted to go to school early and be the first one to report in.

Thank you, Master, for guiding me and enlightening me! Over these three months that I have been practicing Falun Dafa, I have felt that Master is with me all the time and is pushing me every step of the way so I can advance on the path of cultivation.

Thank you Master!