(Minghui.org) A few days ago, I attended an experience sharing conference, where I saw a few senior practitioners in a bad cultivation state. They seemed to suffer from severe sickness karma. A few senior practitioners in my area have also experienced this issue.

Interfered with by Human Notions

At the conference, some practitioners shared their understanding of how to negate the old forces' arrangements and walk well on the path arranged by Master. Although many articles on this topic have been published in Minghui Weekly, it is still difficult for many senior practitioners to break through the old forces' arrangements. Every single test and tribulation, everything in our daily lives, and the truth-clarification done by practitioners are watched by the old forces. They try to take advantage of every loophole of ours. If we deviate from the Fa even only a tiny bit, they will attack. So, it is difficult.

It is mostly because practitioners have too many human notions. Although they read the Fa, they don't have a deep understanding of the Fa. Sometimes, even if they do understand the Fa, too many human notions interfere.

Whenever they run into tribulations, their mind would be interfered with by human notions. They know it is important to deny the old forces' arrangements, but their mind is not strong. Their hearts would be moved if the tribulations or tests persist. They worry that Master is not taking care of them or that they cannot cultivate. At those moments, their thoughts are chaotic, which further extends the tribulation and causes damage to the Fa-rectification. Overall, they don't have a good understanding of Master's teaching on denying the old forces' arrangements.

Following Master's Guidance

I obtained the Fa in 1997. During the past twenty-some years, with Master's guidance, I haven't faced large tests or tribulations. Master said, “Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun). I know that if I trust Master and follow Master's arrangements and teaching, Master would give me the best, and everything I need will be given to me. It is just that simple.

Master said:

“When you encounter ordeals during your cultivation, you have got to cultivate yourself and look at yourself--that doesn't mean acknowledging the ordeals arranged by the old forces and trying to do well amidst the ordeals they've arranged, that's not the case. We negate even the very emergence of the old forces and everything that they've arranged; we don't even acknowledge their existence.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IV)

My understanding is that the old forces should not exist in my environment and that I should not have any tribulations arranged by them. I should not even have them in my mind or talk about them. I only listen to Master.

Everything I run into in cultivation, good or bad, is good. All I need to do is to improve my xinxing as if I had never heard of the old forces. I should not waste any mental energy on the old forces. Master said: “...a great way is extremely simple and easy.” (“Chapter III Mechanics and Principles of the Exercise Movements”, The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection). Everybody has tests and tribulations in cultivation because we need to get rid of human notions and attachments before we can improve ourselves. It is impossible not to run into troubles.

I was addicted to television programs on solving marriage and family problems. In one of the shows, the husband had an affair, but the wife did not want a divorce. She endured the situation for years. On the show, she consulted the host. The host told her to divorce him without blinking an eye. He said, “Your husband's heart is not on you anymore. It is useless to endure him. Why bother?”

That is the host's style—quick and decisive. I agreed with him. Later, I realized that his style matched my attachment. I had loopholes concerning this issue. My daughter divorced because her husband had an affair. So, my heart was touched by the show, and I agreed with the host when he blamed the husband. I was addicted and watched the show every day. I could not go a day without it. Such a big attachment dragged me away from the state that a cultivator should be in.

Master used my child's words to give me hints—“you, a cultivator of Falun Dafa, listen to this kind of thing?” But, I was still attached to it, although I knew it was not right.

A few days later, my ears were swollen. It got so bad that my face also swelled. The ear was full of pus, and I could not hear. It also interfered with my Fa-study.

Master said:

“Every test or every tribulation is related to the matter of either progression or regression in cultivation. It is already difficult, yet still you add this self-imposed tribulation. How can you overcome it? You might come across hardships or troubles as a result of it.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

I felt bad—didn't I impose tribulations on myself due to my own attachments?

Trusting Master and the Fa

I looked inward and found competitiveness, jealousy, and an attachment to my daughter. Since her ex-husband and his current wife were living a good life, I also held hatred toward him. That was why I felt comfortable when listening to the TV show host scolding husbands who cheat on their wives and encouraging the wives to divorce them. When I listened to that, I forgot about the Fa and became an everyday person.

I told myself that I should hurry up and read the Fa to improve myself. I apologized to Master: “I was wrong, and I have betrayed Master and the Fa.” I promised Master that I would definitely get rid of these notions and attachments.

I asked Master to help me correct myself and not allow the old forces to interfere with me. Since my thought was sincere, Master did help me. I felt a strong, cool wind blow through my ears, which recovered immediately. Master said, “Remove your human thoughts, and evil will naturally die out.” (“Don't Be Sad,” Hong Yin Vol II)

A while ago, all my teeth loosened, and it felt as if a touch would knock them all out. I could not chew. I said to myself, “Ordinary people would have this problem when they get old. I am not an ordinary person. I am a Dafa disciple. I am cultivating the mind and body, so my body should get younger. I deny the old forces who made such an arrangement for me.” When I had this thought, all the teeth were tightened. It was like a miracle.

I don't focus on the old forces, and they don't exist in my mind. I only have Master and the Fa in my thoughts, nothing else. I only trust Master and the Fa and follow the path that Master arranges for me. Master is watching me, and nothing else can take charge of my life. Even if I don't do well, Master will give me hints and chances for me to improve. But, if I don't genuinely cultivate, Master would not be able to help.

We should not be afraid of any tribulations, no matter how big they are.

Master said:

“If you can let go of life and death, you’re a God; if you can’t let go of life and death, you’re a human—this is the difference. We cultivate and cultivate and let go of all attachments—won’t you have let go of even life and death? If someone can let go of life and death all at once, what other attachments could there be? “Having obtained the Fa, I’m not even afraid of life and death and can even give up my life.” Then what could he still be attached to?” (“Teaching the Fa in New York City”, Lectures in the United States)

Think about it, everyone. Master is in charge of our lives. Who would we be afraid of? Who can harm us?

What Master gives us is the best, including the five sets of exercises at the highest level and the cultivation of mind and body. How can we have diseases? Before July 20, 1999, Master already pushed practitioners to the levels where they should be.

Master said:

“...the best approach would be to benevolently resolve things for all lives!” (Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference)

“However, the old forces changed all of this, and created such a massive tribulation—something so evil as to have no precedent.” (Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference)

The old forces made the arrangements, but Master told us to negate them and to deny the existence of the old forces. We should have a correct understanding of our relationship with other people. We should have confidence and solid belief in Master and the Fa and not have doubts, even when facing the test of life and death.

I have been taken to a forced labor camp three times. Each time, I had a thought: “I should not be here. If there are people here who I need to save, I will save them, and I will leave after saving them.” With solid belief in Master, I passed the tests very quickly and was released from the labor camps.

Master has solved all my problems on my journey of cultivation. I have been in charge of delivering truth-clarifying materials and printing Minghui Weekly for my area. Master gave me the wisdom. Now I can operate a computer and printer, and I set up a material production site at my house.

If we truly believe in Master, Master will give us the best. I still have many loopholes in my cultivation, but I will strive forward diligently.