(Minghui.org) For some time, I felt pain on one side of my lower back whenever I lay down. My mother suggested that Master may be giving me a hint to not sleep so much, but to get up to do the Falun Dafa exercises. I had the same thought, so I slept less and got up early to do the exercises. However, my condition didn’t improve. I also sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference, without result.

I love to shop online, and could not control myself whenever there was a promotion. I thought that shopping online saved time, and I could receive bonuses and discounts. I never bought anything at the original price. I realized that this was due to my attachment to greed.

My situation continued until I had a dream one night. I could only remember the part of the dream where I was at my office. When I opened my drawer, several monsters that looked like weasels jumped out. I was scared, but didn’t remember to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them. Anyway, I hardly send righteous thoughts in my daily life. Instead, I gave these weasels snacks to eat so they wouldn’t hurt me. They eventually left and I heard the sound of a heavy door slamming shut that scared me.

After analyzing the dream, I realized that feeding the monsters was not righteous, so I decided to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them.

When I was sending forth righteous thoughts the second day, I remembered the shopping apps on my cell phone. I remembered Master’s teaching regarding an attachment as a result of self-interest.

Initially, I wasn’t shopping online to fulfill my self-interest. But as I began to browse or shop on a daily basis, I became addicted. I browsed the apps every day to look for discounts. My attachment to self-interest grew and it was just like someone addicted to playing online games. Once they want to play the games, that negative substance will invade them.

The attachment to shopping online was now affecting my health. When I realized this, I uninstalled all the shopping apps.

I felt relaxed the next day, and then felt more and more comfortable with each passing day. My cultivation couldn't reach the standard of a cultivator when I was attached to online shopping. How could I assist Master to validate the Fa and save sentient beings?

I would like to remind practitioners who are addicted to online shopping to delete the apps and get rid of those bad things. In the long run, our health will be negatively affected. The self-interest and gains in the human world are temporary and illusory. Only Dafa is real.

Occasionally, my attachment to online shopping resurfaces, but with my belief in Dafa, I correct myself. I truly appreciate Master's giving me a chance to correct myself.