(Minghui.org) This year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Minghui website. To me, this website feels like home. It is the beacon of light in the darkest days of persecution, providing me with guidance, courage, and inspiration on my cultivation path.

A Beacon of Light

When the persecution against Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, it was simply overwhelming. I was lost and didn't know what to do. One day, we received a copy of the Minghui Weekly. Our local coordinator told us that this was a magazine published by practitioners for practitioners.

Everyone was delighted to read it. It had comprehensive information from around the globe, from righteous support from political figures of many nations and people from all walks of life, to overseas practitioners holding various activities to counteract the persecution in China; from the most updated persecution accounts, to inspiring cultivation stories from practitioners in China.

Every week, we were longing to receive the newest edition of Minghui Weekly. Reading it is like attending a cultivation experience sharing conference. It connects Falun Gong practitioners from all over the world, and helps us learn, improve and elevate together as a group.

Minghui.org is the only website entrusted by Master to publish His new articles. We are particularly eager to read Master's new teachings every time they are published. They guide us on how to face the persecution and cultivate ourselves. These Fa teachings have greatly reinforced our conviction and confidence in cultivation. We understood that our mission is to cultivate ourselves well, clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

Our Most Precious Possession

Most of the sharing articles from Minghui have quotes from Master's Fa teachings. I usually copied the quotes and studied them whenever I could. Master's Fa teachings are like a mirror. They reflect my shortcomings, enlighten me, and rectify my thoughts and deeds.

When we were in the detention center, fellow practitioners tried their best to pass on the related Fa teachings, articles, and Minghui Weekly to us. We cherished them so much. Particularly the Fa teachings, we memorized them and kept them in our hearts. Whenever we had free time, we memorized the Fa and looked within, searching for attachments we had yet to eliminate.

Master said:

“This is something I often say: once you take up Dafa, whatever it is you encounter--good or bad--it is a good thing (applause), for it came about only because you cultivate in Dafa.” (“Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005”)

When I was tortured to the state of paralysis and in critical condition, I was released, barely alive. Through Fa study and doing the exercises, I recovered.

Fulfilling My Responsibility

Master's teachings inspired me:

“Every Dafa disciple on the path of validating the Fa is fully using his abilities and putting to use the skills and knowledge he's acquired in the ordinary society in his efforts to validate the Fa, save sentient beings, and clarify the facts, and they've done really well.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IV)

Fellow practitioners have done so well with their skills and knowledge to validate the Fa. But what had I done?

I began to write truth-clarification letters by hand and mailed them to the personnel in the judiciary system. All of the content was inspired by Minghui articles, including the basic facts about Falun Gong, the peaceful appeal by 10,000 practitioners in Beijing on April 25, 1999, as well as the facts of the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax.

Since I'd lost the ability to walk because of the torture, fellow practitioners helped me mail or distribute the letters. I can't remember how many letters I've written over the years. I could not accomplish any of these things if I did not have access to the Minghui website or Minghui Weekly.

Gaining Computer Skills

I was greatly inspired by fellow practitioners of advanced age or limited education who learned how to operate a computer and print materials. I had no excuse to not learn how to use a computer. I felt I should visit the Minghui website myself, so that I could ease the burden of practitioners having to print Minghui Weekly for me.

I purchased a computer and painstakingly learned how to use it, step by step. When I was finally able to visit the Minghui website and saw Master's picture, I cried like a baby. I felt so happy and fortunate. I truly felt that the Minghui website was my home in the human realm!

Over the years, I have published several sharing articles on Minghui. I have also downloaded and printed many articles and fliers to distribute and spread the word about the persecution.

In addition, I provided phone numbers of perpetrators so that fellow practitioners could call them to clarify the truth.

With the tidal wave of lawsuits against Jiang Zemin in 2015, I also filed complaints and helped several other fellow practitioners file theirs.

I often send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate interference before I visit Minghui. Sometimes I ask for Master's help to take me “home.” I truly appreciate the opportunity to visit Minghui!

I suggest that fellow practitioners in China who have the financial wherewithal purchase a computer and visit Minghui themselves. It really helps to maintain your righteous thoughts and walk well the path of Fa-rectification cultivation.

I want to express my deep gratitude to fellow practitioners who work on the website. Everything you do is invaluable.

I also want to thank Master for giving us this precious platform at this historic period, for us to diligently cultivate and improve together.