(Minghui.org) Recently the Domestic Security Division of the Mudanjiang City Police Department received orders from the Heilongjiang Province Public Security Department to escalate the suppression of Falun Gong practitioners. They tapped their phones, monitored them, and used surveillance cameras to gather evidence against them.

The Domestic Security Division of the city’s police department ordered subordinate police departments to harass certain practitioners on June 25, 2019. That day, the police ransacked four practitioners’ homes, and confiscated some of their personal belongings.

Ransacking and Confiscation

The chief of the Aimin Police Department and eight police officers showed up at the home of Ms. Shao Yan’s parents around 11 a.m. They ransacked the place, but did not find the things they were looking for. Still, they arrested the caregiver of Ms. Shao’s bedridden father, for questioning, but released her after three hours.

An officer from the Yangming Police Department, as well as Wang Jiaqi and Zhang Shaojie, residential community police officers, harassed Ms. Liu Baofeng at around 11 a.m. They ransacked her home, and arrested Ms. Liu and her husband. The couple was released in the early evening.

Twelve police officers from the Huadian Police Department, and two residential community staff members arrived at the home of Ms. Zhang Cuizhi, a senior, in two vehicles at 2 p.m. An officer asked her, “Where did Dai Qihong go?” Ms. Zhang said, “I don’t know.” “Have you ever been arrested?” asked the officer. “Yes, for studying Falun Dafa,” answered Ms. Zhang. An officer then asked, “Where did the books come from? Who printed them?” “This I cannot tell you,” replied Ms. Zhang.

The officers also questioned Ms. Zhang’s son and daughter-in-law. They then confiscated about 100 copies of Falun Dafa books. They did not arrest Ms. Zhang, but admitted that they were carrying out orders from provincial-level authorities.

Yin Hang from the Domestic Security Division of the Mudanjiang City Police Department, and five police officers from the Xianfeng Police Department, broke into Ms. Lin Chunzi’s home and ransacked the place at 5 p.m. They confiscated a notebook computer, Falun Dafa books, the Minghui Weekly, and other personal belongings. They did not arrest Ms. Lin.

Prior Arrests of the Four Practitioners

Ms. Shao was arrested in 2007 and 2008, and arrested and detained in 2015.

Ms. Liu was arrested in 2007.

Ms. Zhang was arrested in 2008.

Ms. Lin was arrested and detained in 1999 and 2000. She was also arrested in 2002 and sentenced to five years in prison.

Participants in the persecution of these practitioners:Mudanjiang City Domestic Security Division: +86-453-6282523, +86-453-8777444Li Zhe (李哲), head: +86-453-6282635, +86-13604831098Zhang Hongwei (张宏伟), deputy chief, Mudanjiang City Police Department: +86-453-6282523, +86-453-8777444Yang Danbei (杨丹蓓), sub-division head: +86-453-6282633, +86-453-6282526, +86-13945309336Li Xuejun (李学军), deputy sub-division head: +86-453-6282637, +86-453-6282639, +86-13945343051, +86-15504530351