(Minghui.org) As Falun Dafa cultivators, our thoughts should always be on a higher level than those of ordinary people. But, at the same time, we still cultivate in this world as it is today. There are still many human attachments that are tough to relinquish. Regarding where we practitioners will end up, Master Li has told us very clearly that it is up to our own understandings and realizations.

A local practitioner, whom I’ll call Aiyin, recently passed away due to sickness karma. The next day, while I was doing the standing exercise, she appeared in front me of in a yellow kasaya. She said, “I’m going to a great place. Please ask my daughter not to cry. Please ask So-and-so not to make trouble.” Then she left.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts in the morning, she appeared again, still in a yellow kasaya, and said, “Please tell this practitioner that she should be more diligent; please tell that practitioner that the attachment to fear is not hers. She just needs to eliminate it.” I sent a thought afterward: “Aiyin shouldn’t show up anymore. She is in a world of knowing. I need to cultivate following Master’s Fa. I need to eliminate her image and information in my dimension to prevent any beings from taking advantage of my loopholes.”

Aiyin’s daughter knows the Fa principles regarding human bodies, so she decided to go with a simple ceremony for her mother’s funeral. On my way home that evening, I saw something magnificent. The sentient beings in Aiyin’s world kneeled and thanked us for helping her when she was going through tribulations. I saw her world was complete and perfect.

In the past few years, we have seen some practitioners pass away due to sickness karma. In experience-sharing articles, some said they saw that the practitioner reincarnated, while others saw horrible scenes. We should all understand that, no matter what we saw, it was not the truth. The part that we have cultivated well has elevated. Master has made arrangements for everything for us. Master has explained the Fa principles to us in his lectures.

A fellow practitioner shared with me what she saw of Aiyin: “I saw her in a purple Taoist dress with a blue belt being led by a group of fairies. She flew away on top of beautiful clouds.” We realized that the manifestations we both saw were reflections of our different levels.

In fact, practitioners who’ve passed away have all headed to great places. However, when practitioners pass away, other practitioners are often affected. I think this is because they do not have a solid cultivation foundation. They only see the surface instead of the essence.

The old forces use this to test us. Some practitioners are doubtful and sad. Their belief in the Fa is affected. However, what you don’t know is that your beings in the heavens are all worried about your behavior.

Master has told us where we will go as practitioners. No matter what, we should not be affected by sentimentality and human notions. Let’s let go of these attachments and cultivate solidly to consummation.

I would also like to mention Lan, Aiyin’s daughter. She obtained the Fa when she was eight years old. Over the past 20 years, she has lived through the arrests of her parents and herself. Later, when she was in college and then went to work, she drifted away from the Fa.

When her mother passed away, she cried so sadly that I told her what I saw. She understood and stopped crying immediately. She started studying the Fa and was also willing to send forth righteous thoughts with us. Once when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw Lan was sitting on a small lotus flower. I then saw a huge golden Fa ship with a golden dragon as its figurehead. Then Master appeared and said, “I will take you all home!” Master looked at Lan and said, “This is my young disciple!” I shared with Lan what I saw and told her to study the Fa and cultivate her heart.

I would like to share that we should all cultivate diligently so that we do not disappoint Master, ourselves, or the beings in our worlds. Let’s all carry out our responsibilities as Dafa disciples!