(Minghui.org) Four generations of my family live in the same house. Dafa has brought fortune to the entire family, and we live harmoniously together.

My mom was the first person in the family to practice Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong). My daughter and I also started to practice and other family members have supported us.

Mom Experienced the Power of Dafa

My mom’s health was poor before practicing Dafa. She had Ménière's disease and often felt dizzy and numb. In addition, she had been diagnosed with a gastric ulcer, arthritis, and fundus lesion.

Her temper was very bad due to her health issues. She would get angry very easily, and frequently cried. Her large medical expenses put huge pressure on the family as our financial situation wasn’t great to begin with.

My mom was introduced to Falun Dafa in 1999. She was impressed because it was free and anyone could practice it. She saw that practitioners were very calm and humble, and did not mind helping others to learn it. Practitioners from all levels of society talked about the preciousness of Dafa. My mom felt that Falun Dafa was so great.

The changes in my mom were enormous after she began to practice Dafa. She no longer got dizzy, her head and body no longer felt numb, her eyes problems went away, her gastric ulcer disappeared, and her joints no longer hurt during changes in the weather. One day she was talking about how many mosquitoes were on the ceiling, and we were all shocked that her eyesight had recovered so well.

Her personality changed along with her health. She became more open, confident, and loving. She used to be a stingy person, but became much more generous and considerate, no longer opposing my grandma for giving properties to my aunt. She has taken great care of the whole family and always has a smile on her face.

Kidney Stones Disappeared After Reciting “Falun Dafa Is Good”

Before I practiced Dafa, I experienced severe back pain and went to the hospital for a checkup. I was diagnosed with kidney stones and told to undergo a lithotripsy. One night I suddenly had severe pain caused by the kidney stones. My mom told me to recite “Falun Dafa is good.” As soon as I said it, the pain eased. Then, I did the Dafa exercises with my mom. I stopped vomiting and no longer felt any pain.

Even though I thought this was a miracle, I still wanted to have the operation. The doctor gave me another checkup and informed me that the kidney stones had disappeared! The doctor was shocked, “Where could those large stones have gone?” He congratulated me and told me that I no longer needed to have an operation.

This was a turning point in my life. I became a Dafa practitioner, and my life and business have done very well ever since.

My Husband Was Saved from Danger Many Times

My husband was in the army where he was indoctrinated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and his mind had been poisoned for years. My mom and I both asked him to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, but he wouldn’t listen.

When my daughter was three years old, she asked him to quit the CCP. He finally realized the importance of it and agreed to quit.

He has always carried a Dafa amulet. Thus, he has been in good health and did well at his workplace. He said, “I no longer have to think of taking medicine. Falun Gong is indeed amazing. It is praised in so many developed countries, so there must be a reason for this.”

He worked in many extremely dangerous situations over the years. Once he was working in a main power distribution room and was sucked onto a 380 volt power line. He was not injured.

The logistics department was really scared and they asked me to come to his workplace and cosign a document with him. The document stated that we agree to be responsible for anything caused by the incident. They told me that they saw how he got sucked onto the power line and were all terrified. They said he was so fortunate and must have been protected by gods.

Another time, he fell from the second floor at a construction site and was not hurt.

A fellow practitioner gave my husband a Dafa amulet for hanging in his car, which he was very happy about. He has been met with many problems on the road, such as not being able to change gears on the expressway, tires exploding, and all kinds of dangerous situations when driving on the mountain roads, but no harm ever happened to him.

Clarifying the Facts to the Driver Who Caused An Accident

My dad was riding an electric bike and was hit by a car. He was 73 at the time and was thrown a dozen yards. The bike’s chassis shattered into small pieces and the car was also damaged.

Even though the accident was severe, my dad wasn’t hurt. The driver of the car wanted to take him to the hospital. My dad said he was fine and even jumped up in the air a couple of times to show the driver that he had no need for the hospital.

My dad gave me a piece of paper on which the driver had written “I was responsible for the accident,” along with his name, phone number and license plate number. My dad said to me, “He asked me to call him and tell him that I’m fine so he doesn’t worry. Please take this opportunity to clarify the facts to him.”

I met the driver. He told me about what happened and asked me to persuade my dad to have a hospital checkup. I told him not to worry, “My dad is fine, and he won’t give you any trouble. My mom and I are Falun Dafa practitioners and my family is protected by the divine. So he won’t have any issues. My dad said that this is not a disaster but rather a predestined event.

I asked, “Do you believe in miracles? Falun Dafa is a Buddhist school cultivation. As practitioners we follow the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Don’t believe the lies of the communist regime, and when you have time, recite ‘Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ You will also be protected!” The driver agreed to quit the CCP.

My dad is a very kind person. He fully supports me and my mom practicing Dafa. He understands the evil nature of the CCP, and supports practitioners who are being persecuted. He does not mind when other practitioners visit our home and often helps take care of the children of practitioners who are suffering persecution.

When he was young, he had perforated eardrums and lost most of his hearing. Now he is much older but has regained his hearing. He used to have high blood pressure, but it returned normal and he doesn’t take medicine for it.

My Daughter’s Rickets Were Cured After She Listened to Master’s Fa Lecture Recordings

My daughter was born with many health issues. The most severe one was rickets. We tried many treatments including medicines and supplements, but she was not getting better.

Because of my daughter’s health conditions, my husband always insisted we go to major hospitals for treatments when she got sick. When she was given medicines she would start to vomit. When she was given shots she would either have reactions or get very drowsy. We were so worried about her.

Once my mom played Master Li’s (the founder) lectures to her. She seemed to get energetic immediately. She formed a habit of listening to Master Li’s lectures before going to sleep everyday. After a while, she recovered from her rickets without any medical treatment.

Last year when she passed her Level 6 folk dance test, her teacher was so shocked when I told her that my daughter had rickets and was cured by listening to Dafa lectures.

My daughter is now a young Dafa practitioner. She believes in the existence of the divine and she did not join the CCP’s Young Pioneers at school.

My Grandma Is in Her 90s and Healthy

My grandma got rectal cancer when she was in her 70s. The doctor advised chemotherapy, but she refused it. She began to practice Dafa after hearing about the amazing health recoveries of other practitioners and she returned to good health.

Unfortunately not long after she began cultivation, the communist regime launched the persecution against Falun Dafa and its practitioners. Having gone through many ordeals with the CCP in the past, my grandma felt helpless and gave up cultivation. But she still supports my mom’s practice. For all these years, her health has been very good and she has great eyesight and hearing, despite being in her 90s.

Over the past 20 years, from Dafa’s spreading to the evil CCP’s persecution, my entire family has witnessed Dafa’s preciousness and Dafa practitioners’ great compassion, forbearance, and steadfastness.

Falun Dafa is truly precious. I hope that everyone will take a look at the main book, Zhuan Falun, which has been translated into 39 languages and spread to over 100 countries. I am confident that after reading Zhuan Falun, one will find the answers to many questions one might have.