(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners are tortured in Gansu Provincial Women's Prison for upholding their belief.

The guards ordered certain inmates to monitor Falun Gong practitioners around the clock. The practitioners had to ask permission to make any move, including when they needed to go to the restroom. Practitioners were not allowed to talk, make eye contact, or make any hand gestures to each other. In the mornings, they were forced to watch videos defaming Falun Gong, and in the afternoon they had to write a “thought report” on how they perceived Falun Gong.

Practitioners who refused to give up their belief were only allowed to have one bun, made of flour and water. Sometimes, they weren't even given water to drink. They were often dragged to the restroom by collaborators and beaten.

The collaborators vented their anger on the practitioners when they were in a bad mood. Practitioners were under a lot of pressure every moment they were in prison. Any collaborator who was kind to a practitioner was reported to the prison guards, who would then call her out.

The prison guards frequently contacted the local Domestic Security police after forcing practitioners to provide names of other practitioners who weren't in detention.

Accounts of Torture at Gansu Provincial Women's Prison

Ms. Li Kuangfeng Abused

Ms. Li Kuangfeng, in her sixties, refused to give up Falun Gong. Usually, a bucket of water is carried by two people. To punish Ms. Li, the inmate collaborators forced her to carry one by herself.

In the winter, the collaborators gave her only a very thin quilt for a mattress and poured water on her comforter. Ms. Li often woke up in the middle of the night shivering from the cold. She had to sit up on the bed under the comforter through the night. Also, she was often beaten by several collaborators.

Ms. Liu Qiuqiu Humiliated and Abused

Ms. Liu Qiuqiu, about 60 years old, and her daughter Ms. Liu Lei, were imprisoned. Because she did not give up her belief, the prison guards abused her daughter, hoping this would coerce her into compliance.

Prison guards ordered collaborators to deprive her of using the toilet, so she urinated and defecated into her pants. They did not allow her to change her clothing, making others suffer from the bad smell. In turn they insulted her. Ms. Liu's buttocks eventually became infected, but the torture continued until she gave in to their demands.

Ms. Wang Liqian Tortured with Electric Baton

Ms. Wang Liqian, a Falun Gong practitioner from Honggu District, Lanzhou City, was shocked with an electric baton when she first arrived in prison. As a result, her face, neck, and mouth were covered with blisters and burns.

Ms. Li Dexiang Beaten

When Ms. Li Dexiang from Jinchang City was illegally detained for the second time, she refused to be “transformed” and refused to give up Falun Gong. The prison guards ordered collaborators to beat her. Her body was black and blue, but no one dared to say anything.

Before Ms. Li was released from prison, the guards ordered inmate Gao Jingjing (a drug addict) to hit her, and not let her sit down. She was forced to write a “thought report,” admitting to how she felt about Falun Gong, while squatting. As a result, she could not straighten up. She limped, and her back was curved. She did not show any facial expression to other practitioners. If she cried in front of another practitioner, she had to explain the reason in her report.

Ms. Lu Yinxia Tortured

Ms. Lu Yinxia from Qingyang was once dragged into the restroom by inmates Ma Yaqin and Yu Weiwei. They beat her back with the toilet brush until it broke.

She was taken to the prison guard's office for electrical shocks at another time. She now has several scars on her body.

Ms Xu Huixian Passed Away from Torture

Ms. Xu Huixian, from Qingyang, was in good physical condition when she first arrived at the prison. Soon after her arrival, she became very thin and could barely walk even with support from others. Ma Yaqin and Zhang Shumei often cursed and beat her. When Ms. Xu became very ill due to the maltreatment, she was taken to the hospital where she passed away.