(Minghui.org) One day, the coordinator in our area asked if I would testify in court. They needed someone who had been persecuted to help rescue a fellow practitioner I will call Hai.

Rescuing Hai: Improving My Xinxing

A couple of Falun Gong practitioners went to court to help rescue Hai. As we were signing our names, one of them worried that doing so would put us at risk. I said that we would be fine.

That night, I had a dream. I was in a room where I noticed a door across from where I stood. I opened the door and walked into another room and saw another door. I opened that door and walked into yet another room. This went on and on. After I woke up, I realized that Master Li was encouraging me for doing the right thing by overcoming my fear and departing from my human self.

In order to rescue Hai, we went to the prison and demanded his release. Twenty or so practitioners sat in their cars by the gate, while the police sat in a car nearby, watching us and shining their headlights on us. One practitioner and I got out of the car and knocked on their window to talk to them. They looked really scared and were afraid to talk to us.

After about a month, I went to send righteous thoughts in front of the prison where Hai was being held. We worked non-stop and Hai was soon released. Through this process, I realized that when I worked with others, elevated my xinxing to a practitioner's standard, and let go of life and death, everything went smoothly. A practitioner once said to me that the Fa harmonizes everything when a cultivator elevates his xinxing.

Rescuing Practitioner Aiyin: Strengthening My Mind

Late one night, I was awakened by practitioner Changfu knocking on my door. He said that practitioner Aiyin had been arrested. After discussing it, we sent an article to the Minghui website document the persecution of this Falun Gong adherent, followed by an opinion article on the issue. We then decided to hire an attorney. However, none of us in the area had any experience hiring a lawyer. They decided to go to Beijing to hire one. I was a bit hesitant to do that.

Changfu and another practitioner were stopped on their way to Beijing, and Changfu came back and told me what happened. I thought to myself, “It seems like I can’t avoid doing it myself.” Changfu and I were on the bus to Beijing when an inspector boarded the bus to check everyone’s ID. I told the inspector that I didn’t have my ID with me. The inspector simply said to bring it next time. I was relieved and thought to myself that I shouldn’t have so many concerns while doing the right thing.

After returning from Beijing, I felt different in terms of my state of cultivation. I enlightened that even though on the surface it looked like I'd helped a fellow practitioner hire an attorney, in reality, Master had guided me along on my cultivation path in order for me to elevate my level.

A wealthier practitioner was willing to help pay some of the attorney fees and a coordinator gave us money that several practitioners had pooled to assist us. After the attorney came to our city, another coordinator came to assist with the rescue. Numerous practitioners sent righteous thoughts right beside the public security bureau and the procuratorate when the attorney entered both places to inspect the documents pertaining to the case. Luckily, the process went smoothly for the attorney, who even asked for the possibility of bail.

One practitioner was good at drawing beautiful pictures for our informational brochures. So I wrote articles and he added drawings. Other practitioners handed out or posted these informational pamphlets so that more people would understand the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong. The local police were so intimidated by our actions that they sent more officers than usual to patrol the area. Fortunately, with Master’s protection, no one was arrested.

When we learned that Aiyin was going to be put on trial, we made attractive invitations and posted them around the courthouse. The authorities ended up postponing the trial to another date. On the day of the trial, many of us went to the courthouse to send righteous thoughts. Practitioners from nearby cities came as well, and some went into the courtroom to observe the trial.

According to those inside, the defense attorney (our attorney) gave strong evidence, and the prosecutors did not make any outrageous claims. The judicial officials had an opportunity to hear the facts about Falun Gong. This event laid the groundwork when it came to hiring defense attorneys for other practitioners who were illegally arrested and provided an opportunity for judicial officials to hear the facts.

When we were trying to help Aiyin appeal, Changfu and I followed the attorney everywhere he went, and we told everyone we encountered the facts about Falun Gong. When we went to the procuratorate to deliver our defense documents, we informed officials there about the merits of Falun Gong and the prosecutor was very moved. Changfu even gave the guards some small Falun Gong informational booklets and asked the attorney to deliver Master’s latest lectures to Aiyin. The attorney read the lectures to Aiyin for one to two hours, which strengthened Aiyin’s righteous thoughts.

Rescuing Practitioner Kong: Letting Go of Attachment to Self and Cooperating as One Body

When practitioner Kong was arrested, we decided to go to the detention center to ask for his release. When we arrived, the door opened and we rushed in. We described the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and demanded Kong's release. The guards were alarmed. We hired two attorneys to represent Kong, but the court forced Kong's relatives to discharge them. Fellow practitioners then hired two new attorneys.

During the trial, all of the practitioners sitting in courtroom sent righteous thoughts. In a panic, the judge changed the location of the trial to keep practitioners from attending. The two attorneys hired by the practitioners were very honorable and went from defense to attack mode. The judge asked them to watch their words, but this gave Kong righteous thoughts. Kong entrusted me to write an article on the arrest and get it published on the Minghui website.

We continued our efforts to rescue Kong. From the failure of our last rescue efforts, I learned to let go of the attachment to self and work as one body with other practitioners. All of us in the region worked together as one, coordinating and contacting other practitioners to help rescue Kong. Other practitioners were very cooperative. I sent out fact-clarifying emails and also wrote articles to the Minghui website with updates on the situation. Kong was released soon afterward.

Kong’s rescue efforts had a profound effect on practitioners in our region and the surrounding regions as well. We realized that the rescue succeeded because we let go of the attachment to self and cooperated as one body.

Entering a New Stage of Cultivation

One day, the coordinator came to see me and said that an elderly practitioner who had attended one of Master’s Fa lectures in China was going through a tribulation and had not slept in a while. I volunteered to go help.

Every night, the elderly practitioner and I would do the exercises, study the teachings, send righteous thoughts, and exchange our cultivation experiences. I really enjoyed hearing about what it was like to see Master lecture in person. Every time he had a lack of righteousness, I would say, “You must be strong, you are in the midst of an ordeal right now.”

In the past, I had encountered the same tribulation as the elderly practitioner and I told him how I'd passed it. That gave him some confidence and he declared that he must cultivate more diligently. A month later, he finally passed the tribulation and entered a new stage of cultivation.

Elevating Xinxing when Cooperating

Cultivating with fellow practitioners has elevated my cultivation level and I can do the second exercise for two hours and meditate for two hours. My body feels so light.

When I call people on the phone to clarify the facts, they often respond with text messages supporting our efforts and blaming the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its evil conduct. Sometimes they ask for more information.

Cultivating and cooperating with other practitioners, I feel my heart expanding and my level elevating, like a glowing spark of the Fa. Thank you, Master, for your compassionate guidance and thank you, fellow practitioners, for your selflessness.