(Minghui.org) First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I observed my husband who practiced Falun Dafa for several years. Before he practiced, his health was very poor. After he began practicing his health greatly improved and he no longer went to doctors. From witnessing the positive changes in my husband, I knew Falun Dafa was truly amazing.

In 2009, our family traveled to Taiwan to see Shen Yun Performing Arts. I was deeply moved by the opening scene. The performers were like divine beings from heaven. The backdrops, the dance movements, the music and the costumes were impeccably coordinated. Shen Yun is excellent and has no comparison! I was moved to tears.

After watching Shen Yun, I felt so light-hearted and comfortable. Before, I felt lost, disappointed in life and the future seemed bleak. After watching Shen Yun, I felt hopeful and optimistic. I never felt so happy and uplifted.

After we returned home, I watched the trailer about Shen Yun several times, reminiscing about the show. Suddenly, it seemed like every drumbeat touched my heart, resonating Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. When I listened again, every musical note was Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. When I told my husband, he said that I must have a strong karmic relationship with Dafa. I decided to practice.

The first time I read Zhuan Falun every word shone with sparkling light! The feeling was very sacred and wonderful. I felt totally immersed in the grace and compassion of Dafa. I shared my experience with my husband. He said that my celestial eye must have opened, and that Master was encouraging me. Thank you, Master!

I learned the five sets of exercises. The first time I tried, I could put both legs on top of each other, and felt no pain. I easily meditated for an hour. As I continued, however, the pain began and was quite intense. Sometimes my feet became black, and I felt that some negative substances were being eliminated.

My health used to be very poor, but after I practiced diligently for some time, I experienced great changes. I was full of energy, all my illnesses disappeared, my steps became light. When I walked up stairs it felt like I was being pushed upward. I am very grateful to Master for giving me such good health.

The path of cultivation is not easy. I realized that whenever I experienced karma elimination or xinxing tests it was time to upgrade my level. But my xinxing did not improve much, so I experienced a lot of tribulations. Through Fa-study and improvement of xinxing, I tried my best to do well the three things Master asked us to do, I overcame the tribulations.

Overcoming Sickness Karma

Six months after I began practicing I suddenly began coughing. I coughed non-stop throughout the night and I could not sleep. I realized that whenever practitioners experienced illness symptoms it was a test, therefore I needed to be more diligent in Fa-study, doing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts. The most important thing was to improve my xinxing. I persisted in doing the three things well every day. I would not take medicine or consult a doctor.

However, my coughing kept getting worse and even seemed more serious. I felt it was a big test. I intensified my Fa-study and sending righteous thoughts.

When my children realized that I had not consulted a doctor, they became worried and urged me to seek help. I declined. They bought me cough syrup. I refused to take it and told them that it would be over in a few days.

I firmly believed in Dafa and had no fear. A few days later, my coughing stopped. It was as if nothing had ever happened. I was so happy! After coughing for over one month, without consulting a doctor or taking medicines my cough disappeared. It was a real miracle, thank you, Master!

Eliminating Interference with Righteous Thoughts

Once, when another practitioner and I were delivering newspapers in a nearby town we were suddenly surrounded by about 20 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thugs. Using loud speakers they besieged the two of us, swearing at us with foul language. It was really frightening. But I felt calm. One man yelled, “Why are you distributing newspapers?” I said, “We practice Falun Dafa. It's wrong for the CCP to persecute us. We distribute information to let people know the facts: that Falun Dafa is good and is being wrongly persecuted by the CCP.

The thugs did not respond. They still surrounded us and refused to stop or leave. I loudly told them to leave us alone. They immediately left and we finished distributing newspapers.

After this incident, we realized that when confronted with evil, we must have righteous thoughts and no fear. I remember Master said,

“Should you have fear,it will seize upon you”(“What’s to Fear?,” Hong Yin Vol. II)

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”(“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin Vol. II )

Clarifying the Truth

The CCP does everything it can to sabotage our efforts to save people, so it became more difficult to save people through clarifying the truth. How could we more effectively distribute materials? We have to save people, but the Party wants to stop us. So we coordinated and made arrangements to distribute materials across the area and the effect was very good.

Now the practitioners in our area distribute truth clarification materials at different times. Because we adopted flexible timing and different zones in distributing truth materials, i.e. no fixed location, no fixed hours, the CCP thugs do not know our schedule. As long as the materials reach people’s hands, they will read them.

Distributing in Three Areas

We formed a team of about five to ten persons to distribute Minghui Weekly. The population in these three areas is close to 1.2 million. There are 69 distribution points. Our small group distributes twice each week. We finish a complete round of distribution within three weeks.

We distribute between 7-10 a.m., targeting people going to offices, morning exercises, going for breakfast or the market. I distribute several times at each distribution point to ascertain the flow of commuters and how many copies we need.

When we distribute at new locations, at first few people accept the materials because they may have misunderstandings. We must calmly smile and greet people, remembering that we are there to save them. Once they read our materials they understand that Falun Dafa is good and it's wrong for the CCP to persecute us. Many people come up to us and ask for a copy. Some greet us with a thumbs-up. Others ask for extra copies for their friends.

We also distribute two other periodicals. We all also distribute truth clarification materials in different places, especially those remote areas that should not be ignored.

Many travelers from mainland China come through Shenzhen Bay and go to Tsuen Mun to shop. Most are one-day travelers, who come in the morning and leave in the afternoon. During public holidays, there are so many tourists everywhere. We distribute the, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, The Ultimate Goal of Communism or other truth clarification materials to them.

For years, whenever we have time, we go there to distribute large quantities of these materials.

At first we experienced some interference, even abuse. But after some time it stopped. People’s attitudes became positive. At every distribution point, there are people who understand the truth and compliment Falun Dafa. We are very happy. People are being saved and our efforts are not wasted.

Learning to Cooperate

Our coordination has not always been smooth. Sometimes there are arguments about the location or the quantity. Everyone has their own opinion, thinking others’ arrangements are not good. Sometimes the arguments are fierce, and everyone is unhappy. When we looked within, we found that we had strong attachments to being competitive, jealousy, showing off, etc. After persistent Fa-study, I gradually eliminated these bad elements.


Because I have been slow in improving xinxing, I have had health problems. Even though I seem to be lagging behind, Master has not given up on me.

Master said, “Once you improve your xinxing, your body will undergo a great change. Upon xinxing improvement, the matter in your body is guaranteed to transform.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

We must pay attention to improving our xinxing. When our xinxing improves, the bad elements in our bodies are removed. Many practitioners wonder why they still have sickness karma even though they have been doing the three things every day. Because our xinxing has not improved, the bad elements are still there.

These are my understandings at my current level. If there's anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out!

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2019 Hong Kong Fa Conference)